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Footballer Falls Victim To Hilarious Steak Prank After Attempting To Text Physio

Footballer Falls Victim To Hilarious Steak Prank After Attempting To Text Physio

Lancaster City FC midfielder Tom Preston sent a WhatsApp to his teammate Rob Wilson who manged to pull of the hilarious prank

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Your physiotherapist has the ability to quickly cause you a lot of pain. But ultimately they're there to help with any problems you've got that are restricting your performance. So, why wouldn't you listen to them when they're giving you advice? Even if it doesn't quite add up.

Maybe because you might have just text the complete wrong person and the guy who's spouting the crap is just your teammate trying to pull the prank of the season.

That's exactly what happened to 18-year-old Tom Preston when he ended up injured on Friday with a game coming up the following day for his team Lancaster City FC.

He did what any aspiring footballer should do and text his physio for some sound advice but it all went down hill from the get go because Tom actually sent the message to his prankster teammate, Rob Wilson, 28.

Oh boy, how young Tom is regretting that now.

The first message.

Describing what happened, Rob told LADbible: "Basically. Friday night I received a WhatsApp message off Tom saying his ankle was swollen as he thought my number was the physio's.

"So I changed my WhatsApp picture and name to the physio. Then I decided to play a prank. And [tell him] that a sirloin steak was best used to help with the process of recovery etc. And tom fell for it."

Rob put quite a convincing argument forward, explaining that peas and ice are 'best used as soon as the injury occurs', adding that 'sirloins are used 24hrs after the injury'.

Sounds legit, doesn't it? Well it did to poor Tom:


The midfielder, who joined Lancaster City FC at the start of the season, sent his dad to the local Aldi where he did in fact buy a sirloin steak for £4.49.

And Tom quickly got to the task at hand in the hopes of a successful and juicy recovery:


If you thought that was it you'd be wrong, Rob wasn't giving up there.

He responded to Tom by telling him he would need to cook the meat medium rare and whack some salt and pepper on it for the best results. FFS.


Rob eventually 'had enough' revealing his true identity to Tom who was clearly willing to do anything to get a game on Saturday.

Tom, from Blackpool, told LADbible: "I just clicked on a random number put what I put about injury and ended up putting steak on foot. Generally thought it would reduce swelling.

"I kept thinking this can't be right but just went along with it. I realised it was bullshit when he said about the salt and pepper and cooking it.

"I just got well too carried away with how a steak made my foot better."


LCFC defender, Craig Stanley tweeted the conversation which has since received over 11,000 likes and over 3,500 retweets.

People have found the prank hilarious with one writing: "Best thing I've seen! Worse bit is I would of fell for this as a young lad too."

Another added: "This made me cry with laughter! Poor kid!"

And a third commented: "Gotta take my hat off to this sort of banter! Very well played".

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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