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Jake Paul And Tommy Fury Square Off Backstage After Tyron Woodley Fight

Jake Paul And Tommy Fury Square Off Backstage After Tyron Woodley Fight

The pair came head to head for the first time, with Tommy Fury telling the YouTuber: "You need to stop running, my friend."

Following both of their wins last night (29 August), Tommy Fury and Jake Paul came head to head backstage.

After defeating Tyron Woodley, YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul came down a backstage corridor with his entourage in tow, where Fury was waiting in a bid to grab a moment with him.

Fury, 22, took the opportunity to tell his 24-year-old prospective opponent: "Listen, you need to stop running, my friend and let's get it on."

The pair were smiling at each other as they came face to face.
BT Sport

Their attention was drawn to a scuffle which looked like a clash between both of the men's teams.

As everyone was separated, Tommy shouted over: "Do you wanna keep running, or do you wanna take the fight?"

To which Paul responded: "You could barely be my sparring partner."

Watch the pair square off below:

This comes after Tommy's father John Fury confirmed the former Love Island star was hoping Jake Paul would be his next opponent - but said he doubted the YouTuber would accept the challenge.

John told BT Sport ahead of Tommy's bout against Anthony Taylor: "I think the Jake Paul fight, looking in Jake Paul's eyes, is a way off.

"When you look them in the eye, you know what a man has got for you and he [Tommy] has got bad intentions for Jake Paul and he knows it.

"That's why I say it's a way off. We want this fight next, we want it as soon as possible, but looking at Jake Paul, his demeanour, he knows that he can't go there with Tommy."

Paul came out victorious last night after judges scored the fight 77-75, 75-77, 78-74 to the social media sensation who was fighting in his home city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Fury also won during his US debut after fighting and beat Taylor, who is Paul's sparring partner... coincidental that, isn't it?

BT Sport

The win for Fury only fuelled his pursuit of Paul and afterwards, he spoke about the YouTuber, saying: "The man can say what he wants about my performance, but he went eight rounds against a guy who just walked forwards and didn't throw a shot.

"Tyron nearly knocked Jake out. Will we see Jake in the ring again? I don't think he has [guts]. It's obvious. He was asked about me but had nothing to say.

"He confronted me in the hallway with a team of 15-20, jumping all over us. We were ready to fight."

Jake Paul on the other hand seemed up for a brawl with Fury, saying: "The guy had nothing to say. He had a mediocre performance against my sparring partner.

"Fury is supposed to be this big, tough guy from a legendary bloodline but I got in his face. I hired him to be here. I gave him an opportunity to shine.

"He is an easier fight than Tyron Woodley. People say he is a 'real boxer' so let's run it."

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport

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