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LAD Poses As Reporter And Gets $100,000 Seat For McGregor/Mayweather

LAD Poses As Reporter And Gets $100,000 Seat For McGregor/Mayweather

Most people couldn't afford to be at Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather.

In fact, a lot people didn't even want to pay the box office fee, electing to stream it or just wait until the highlights made their way onto YouTube.


However, if you were in and around the Vegas at the time, it wasn't exactly impossible to get into the event and backstage for free.

Simon Wilson, having been to the weigh in before the fight, really wanted to be there to see the actual thing. However, with tickets being advertised at $3,500 he didn't quite fancy risking being skint.

Kitting himself out with a camera and boom, he pretended to be a Fox News reporter and wormed his way through security to bag himself a $100,000 seat...

Credit: Simon Wilson


He rubbed shoulders with some huge names, even speaking to them about the fight, and to top it all off he was seen in the background of McGregor's post-fight interview.

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"Basically I had a ticket for the weigh in but not for the fight," Simon told LADbible. "I thought when I get to Vegas I might see what the situation is with the tickets but when I was told the cheapest one remaining were $3,500, there was no way I was paying that kind of money.

"After being at the weigh in, I was so excited for the fight, I was determined I had to go to it but I was equally as determined that I was not paying $3,500 either.

"From that minute forward I turned the camera on and started filming.

"The video is 20 minutes long, but I was at it from 9am in the morning until I left the press conference at 1am the following day. There were a few snags along the way, the biggest being in the credentials room but I just waited and waited until the right time. It wasn't easy but patience and persistence always wins!

"The moral of the story is that if you have the belief along with determination and not a give up attitude, anything is achievable."

Simon worming his way into the background of Conor's post-fight interview.

Now, it goes without saying that this doesn't mean you should simply go and try this for every event there is, but y'know, it does show some flaws in security.

You have to have some bollocks to pull this off, so fair play to this LAD for not only trying it, but succeeding too.

Featured Image Credit: Fox

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