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LIVE: Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor

LIVE: Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor

It's finally here.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

All the social media posts, all the talk, all the training - it's all led to this point.

Finally, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have got the gloves on and are face-to-face in the ring.

It feels like years since it was announced, but the answer is finally with us...

McGregor chooses to enter the ring wrapped in the Ireland flag, looking calm. Meanwhile Floyd goes for a robe and a balaclava... Hope the air con is on in the T Mobile arena.

Round 1: Mayweather opts for the tactic we all predicted, going on the defence. McGregor lands a few good punches, most notably a left uppercut.

Looks like it'll be round one to McGregor on the scorecards.

Round 2: Mayweather begins to come back with the jab after McGregor is told to watch his strikes to the back of his opponent's head.

It seems maybe this fight wasn't as easy to call as first thought.

Round 3: McGregor once again told to watch the back of the head.

The Irishman lands a few jabs as Mayweather looks slightly slow, though the American comes back with a few of his own as he smiles.

Credit: PA

Round 4: McGregor flies in as Mayweather claims his punches are low. The Notorious has to KO Floyd in his round to make his prediction come true.

'Money' is in his rhythm now, as he lands a body and head shot, and a quick combination.

The veteran really looks comfortable now, as McGregor begins to look tired.

Round 5: It looks like Mayweather is gaining the upper hand as we approach the half-way point as McGregor begins to retreat.

Mayweather pushes his opponent after the bell.

Round 6: Ref separates the fighters as McGregor comes straight out of the blocks, Mayweather hits back with a few body shots.

Mayweather is bringing some points back after the early rounds and is taking the fight to Conor.

The Irishman smiles at his opposite number, but there's so much work to do.

The crowd chant "Conor, Conor!"

Round 7: Conor is breathing heavily at the start of the seventh, but is nowhere near giving up.

Mayweather lands a series of jabs which rock Conor.

It looks as if the undefeated boxer is simply biding his time after another dominant round.

Round 8: Punches from Conor seem in vain, as they have no effect on Floyd's game.

The crowd gets behind the UFC man after a few punches. The respect is there for him, as it should be.

Round 9: Mayweather appears to be chilling in the corner, but McGregor flies out taking him my surprise.

Again, Floyd weathers the storm and his accuracy is key.

Miraculous Conor makes it through that round after an onslaught from Floyd. He's looking very, very fatigued.

Round 10: The Notorious simply hanging in there at this point, a respectable effort.

It's all over. Floyd wins via stoppage in the tenth.

You have to respect the efforts from McGregor as an amateur, but at the same time a bigger amount of respect must be lumped on Mayweather's shoulders, as he once again proves why he is undefeated in the ring.

Certainly the best of his generation.

Floyd announces his retirement in the middle of the ring. "I chose the right dance partner to dance with," he says, as he thanks the Irish fans and confirms he'll never fight again.

One of the greatest has bowed out in style.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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