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50 Cent Claims That He Could Take Conor McGregor 'In The Streets'

50 Cent Claims That He Could Take Conor McGregor 'In The Streets'

As everyone has worked out by now, Conor McGregor is not destined to spend any moment of his career quietly.

Many thought that the birth of his child would bring a bit of zen to the Irishman, but of course soon after he was locking horns with Floyd Mayweather.


It's not in his nature to sit back and let the world pass him by, as he naturally draws attention.

The latest to stir the pot is rapper 50 Cent, who has claimed he'd beat McGregor in a street fight after the UFC fighter called him out.

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During the press tour for Mayweather Vs McGregor, The Notorious randomly called out the rapper, calling him a 'bitch'. He then proceeded to say that he was a 'fake money bitch' and that he's bankrupt.


Fiddy was quizzed about it on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where he claimed he didn't understand what was going on and then said he'd take Conor in the street with a tongue-in-cheek comment.

"I was like, 'Where did that come from?' you know? But he was doing his job; he was putting on a show and making sure everybody was paying attention" he said.

"In the street... yeah. Come on, he weighs 150 pounds, man!"

I'm not so sure that's how it would go, but you can bet that from now on the pair will enjoy some digs at each other on social media, no matter what happens.

In the lead up to the mega-fight in August, 50 Cent and Mayweather teamed up to taunt the Irishman.

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Conor McGregor Has Said He Wants To Fight 50 Cent

Conor McGregor Has Said He Wants To Fight 50 Cent

And following the 40-year-old compiling his 50th professional victory, the rapper has took to social media to troll McGregor.

During the fight, the UFC star tied up with his opponent on several occasions. Cent used that to poke fun at his tactics by posting the following picture, accompanied with the words:

"What the fuck is going on. ok Floyd just knock this fool out. #50centralbet."

He didn't end it there, either, as he went on to post a series of pictures to get his own back on The Notorious.

Mayweather subsequently retired after inflicting McGregor with his first defeat in boxing.

He retires having won world titles in five weight divisions.

The legendary American holds victories over Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, 'Canelo' and Manny Pacquiao, to name but a few.

The Best Ever?

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