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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Has Quit Drinking

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Has Quit Drinking

The former pro-wrestler is on a new diet and exercise plan, which means no booze

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

If I asked you to visualise 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, what's the image that comes to mind? It's him holding up a dripping beer while wearing an Austin 3:15 t-shirt, isn't it?

The WWE star and booze are often pictured together, here is enjoying a lovely glass of wine:

But now, it looks as though this is all in the past as he's recently revealed that he's knocked alcohol on the head and hasn't had a beer for two whole weeks. A sterling effort, pal.

Speaking on The Steve Austin Show, about his new diet and exercise regime, he said: "My eating program is going fantastic. I'm sticking to my exact macros.

"Zero alcohol for right at 14 days now. Pounds are coming off. My strength is going up. Jesus Christ, I'm getting as strong as a goddamn horse over here.

"No alcohol and when you hit the weights on a consistent basis and eat what you're supposed to, it is amazing the difference that you can make or I'm making.

"I'm also doing my DDP Yoga shit. Hell, I'm going to jump up here and do the splits like a god-dang cheerleader in a minute! I'm flexible as a mother-fucker.

"Dallas' program works like a bitch. I appreciate it, Dallas. I appreciate it, man. That's a bad ass program. I'm sticking to it!"


He also revealed that he had previously used medical marijuana to help ease the pain from the injuries he picked up while wrestling - as well as hoping it would sooth cravings for a beer.

Unfortunately for Austin, it didn't quite work like that and he says he was left feeling paranoid.

He added: "I'm thinking, 'man, here I am, retired from the wrestling business, a global icon and a national treasure, and I'm about to get busted for fucking one joint because I wanted to try out a god damn marijuana cigarette, so I could get away from the booze.'"

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