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The Miz’s Dad Becomes The Best Meme From WrestleMania 35

The Miz’s Dad Becomes The Best Meme From WrestleMania 35

Every WrestleMania brings with it some incredible moments.

Some are massive shocks to the tens of thousands of thousands in the stadium and others produce some pretty big belly laughs.

The latter appeared during the full on Falls Count Anywhere between Shane McMahon and The Miz. The match came to ahead when The Miz dropped McMahon off a near five metre platform with a stunning Superplex.


But while that moment set social media on fire, it was The Miz's dad who got everyone talking when he stepped into the actual ring.

George Mizanin saw his son was in a precarious position and instead of watching him get absolutely smashed by Shane, he put his body on the line and begged McMahon to back off until The Miz could get back up.

While it was a big show of bravery, George has been rinsed by people on social media.


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The daring move paid off, giving The Miz some precious moments to recover however McMahon absolutely pummelled George.

Thankfully the mismatched square off didn't last long and The Miz was back in action.

Sadly, the Superplex didn't work out for The Miz as Shane landed on top of him, technically pinning him and losing him the match.


People on social media couldn't believe what they were seeing. One person said: "Miz vs Shane was every bit as mental as I hoped. Proper fun and proper ludicrous. Loved it."

Another added: "For real tho, that's one of the best #FallsCountAnywhere matches I've ever seen and it's probably the best match The Miz has ever had. Top tier stuff right there. Good shit."

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