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Video Of Triple H Beating Seven Shades Of Shit Out Of Ring Invader

Video Of Triple H Beating Seven Shades Of Shit Out Of Ring Invader

It was during a match between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

WWE is nothing compared to what it used to be in the 90s and early 2000s, and that's a sad fact for us all.

Back in the day we had the likes of Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock entertaining us, now everyone has to put up with John Cena. Good ol' J.R isn't even there, for fuck sake.

Footage of a match between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin at some point in the 90s in Germany has recently resurfaced.

The video, which popped up on Reddit yesterday, shows a fan jumping in the ring to attack Austin. In short, Triple H beats seven shades of shit out of the fan.

HHH doesn't even think twice about going full on savage on the ring invader, and even the ref gets in on the action.

Before the incident the match had already finished, with Austin the winner. However, had the match been ongoing, Austin would have been ruled the victor due to Rule 147: If an opponent should suddenly beat a fan until their kidneys fall out of their arsehole, the champion retains his title.

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