Father And Son Arrested After Pokémon Go Fight

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Father And Son Arrested After Pokémon Go Fight

A man and his son are in trouble with the police after they allegedly assaulted another Pokémon Go player, following a dispute.

Robert Matteuzzi and his son Angelo Matteuzzi claim that the victim threw a Gatorade bottle at their car after stealing their gym, so the 71-year-old father reportedly followed him and launched the plastic bottle straight at his face.

All three men then got into a scuffle in which the 31-year-old son took advantage of his dad holding the victim down, by punching him in the face repeatedly. The victim is said to have numerous injuries and it hasn't been confirmed whether or not the drink bottle was thrown in the first place.

The whole incident was caught on camera by an onlooker, says St. Louis Post-Dispatch in their report which stated:


A bystander took video of the encounter and caught Robert Matteuzzi holding the victim down while his son hit the victim's head and face several times, [Kirkwood Police Officer Matthew] Waggoner wrote. The victim suffered cuts to his face, a 'traumatic' eye injury and a broken finger tip.

The Matteuzzi couple are now looking at third-degree assault charges, which all stemmed from the pair losing their Pokémon Go gym. They do know they could have just taken it back, right?

Have you ever seen violence as a result of the mobile game? Or maybe even something stranger? Let us know in the comments.

Words by: Matthew McGladdery

Featured Image Credit: Pokémon Go

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