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ICYMI – The Best of Irish Twitter This Week

Gary Grimes


ICYMI – The Best of Irish Twitter This Week

To the uninitiated, Twitter can be a bit of a mine field. It's where memes and news stories are often born and, in many ways, it's a language in and of itself. And then, of course, you've got the specific subculture that is Irish Twitter which is a whole other ball game.

We here at LADBible understand that it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of a platform that feels like if you blink, you'll miss something crucial. That's why we've put together this nifty guide to the best of what's occurred on Irish Twitter this week - the funniest memes, the hottest takes and the moments that just made us say WT actual F.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and catch up on all the best tweets you might have missed this week, safe in the knowledge you can regurgitate them all to your friends as though they're your original thoughts in the coming week.

LOL - This week's funniest tweets


It's the most... distressing* time of the year for the poor unfortunate souls who must darken to the doorway of their retail jobs this festive season. Spare a thought for these unsung heroes, and go easy on them, will you?

Hey now... lest we forget Cohen found himself in the elite company of non-other than 'All Star' hitmakers Smash Mouth.


Could you imagine the devastation of realising you'd wasted your plane kip before the journey had even begun?

We hate to say it but we can't help but feel the Taoiseach raises quite a reasonable point here?


Two icons of the Celtic Tiger era, it makes sense they would share branding.

Could Chris O'Dowd's backpack be the only person managing to have actual fun in 2021 Ireland?


TBH - The tweets that made us go 'Hmm...'

Another sad casualty of repeated lockdowns comes in the form of the closure of the iconic Phoenix Cinema in Dingle. As this Twitter user points out, it seems wholly unfair that so many businesses in the culture, entertainment and hospitality sectors have been forced to close whilst other sectors thrive.

You would wonder sometimes if Dr Holohan is specifically setting out to enrage the general public with these sorts of remarks, wouldn't you?


Students across the country have been protesting against the high price of college tuition fees this week, with many politicians including Cllr. Owen Hanley and Senator Lynn Boylan offering their support to protestors advocating for affordable education for all.

One Twitter user, Dean O'Reilly, here illustrates perfectly why education should be accessible to all who wish to pursue it, not a symbol of one's family wealth and privilege.

WTF - An ode to the tweet we just didn't see coming

While we're at it, why don't we get Bank Holidays in the books for after the Rose of Tralee, Eurovision and, er, every episode of Living With Lucy?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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Gary Grimes
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