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ICYMI – The Best of Irish Twitter This Week

Gary Grimes


ICYMI – The Best of Irish Twitter This Week

To the uninitiated, Twitter can be a bit of a mine field. It's where memes and news stories are often born and, in many ways, it's a language in and of itself. And then, of course, you've got the specific subculture that is Irish Twitter which is a whole other ball game.

We here at LADBible understand that it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of a platform that feels like if you blink, you'll miss something crucial. That's why we've put together this nifty guide to the best of what's occurred on Irish Twitter this week - the funniest memes, the hottest takes and the moments that just made us say WT actual F.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and catch up on all the best tweets you might have missed this week, safe in the knowledge you can regurgitate them all to your friends as though they're your original thoughts in the coming week.

LOL - This week's funniest tweets


Although we legally cannot endorse this woman's preferred flu remedy, we most certainly salute her.

We've all been there. Your friends are taking ages at the bar and you've only got one bar of 3G.


It was actually somewhat refreshing to be in lockdown for a reason other than Covid.

Sounds like as good a reason to procreate as any if you ask us?


Never forget this iconic, if slightly unnerving, moment in RTÉ history.

We, the Irish people, will be damned before we utter the full, notions-ridden term 'notions of grandeur'.


TBH - The tweets that made us go 'Hmm...'

Direct Provision is one of the greatest ongoing travesties in this country and everyone involved, directly or indirectly, should feel ashamed. We must remember this Christmas that when we spend money in stores that support such a horrid regime, we are casting our vote to keep it in place.

A bizarrely Pat Kenny-heavy column this week, we apologise. That aside, fair play to the RTÉ radio host for taking a moment to calmly and clearly explain his standpoint to this anti-vaxxer who accosted him whilst out for a walk. Perhaps we would all be doing well to try and engage with those who are anti-vaccine, to hear them out and explain to them where their logic fails? Easier said than done, mind you...


People seem to absolutely love lamenting for an Ireland of yesteryear, decrying our towns and cities as 'dead' - but is this accurate? Some people seem to think people are scaremongering, using footage of busy shopping streets taken late a night when shops would be closed and the streets empty even in normal times.

WTF - An ode to the tweet we just didn't see coming

If we had to place bets on what sort of action TD and former Minister for Health Simon Harris would be busy taking in the weeks running up to Christmas in a pandemic, copy and pasting a chainmail tweet with a number for the Samaritans wouldn't have been high on that list.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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Gary Grimes
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