Cast Of Superbad Reuniting For Watch Party With Fans
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An Immersive Drive-In Cinema Is Coming To The UK For Halloween

An Immersive Drive-In Cinema Is Coming To The UK For Halloween

Officials may be advising that Halloween should be cancelled this year, along with the rest of the good parts of 2020, but there's still some good news for fright fans - a spooky drive-in cinema is coming to the UK.

Park N Party is setting up the experience in Manchester next month - it's called ScareCity, and will be screening all the best horror movies. The event will run from 12 October 'til 1 November.

Guests will drive through a chilling 'scare tunnel' before the films begin, while there will also be a replica graveyard and a blood-spattered Winnebago. Oh, and not forgetting live actors running around too, scaring the pants off all present.


As for the movies themselves, you'll be able to watch the likes of The Conjuring, IT, The Invisible Man, The Hills Have Eyes, Child's Play and The Ring from the comfort (or from behind) your own chair, while they are also showing Scary Movie for those after a little light relief.

If you fancy bringing little ones along, we'd suggest the midday screenings of Coraline, Coco and Frankenweenie on the weekends.

Tickets cost £35 per vehicle plus a £3.32 fee. They can be purchased here.

The lay out for the event. Credit: Park N Party
The lay out for the event. Credit: Park N Party

The full schedule of screenings is below:

The Invisible Man - Monday 12 October at 8.30pm

The Ring - Tuesday 13 October at 8.30pm

Insidious - Wednesday 14 October at 9pm


Get Out - Thursday 15 October at 9pm

Blair Witch Project - Friday 16 October at 9pm

Frankenweenie - Saturday 17 October at 12pm

Beetlejuice - Saturday 17 October at 4pm


Us - Saturday 17 October at 8pm

Goosebumps - Sunday 18 October at 12pm

28 Days Later - Sunday 18 October at 4pm

The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - Sunday 18 October at 8pm


The Conjuring - Monday 19 October at 9pm

Annabelle - Tuesday 20 October at 9pm

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The Conjuring 2 - Wednesday 21 October at 8.30pm

Annabelle Creation ­- Thursday 22 October at 9pm

Hocus Pocus - Friday 23 October at 6pm

The Nun - Friday 23 October at 9pm


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Coraline - Saturday 24 October at 12pm

The Curse Of La Llarona - Saturday 24 October at 4pm

Annabelle Comes Home - Saturday 24 October at 8pm

Monster House - Sunday 25 October at 12pm

The Grudge - Sunday 25 October at 4pm

The Exorcist - Sunday 25 October at 8pm

It - Monday 26 October at 4pm

Crawl - Monday 26 October at 8pm

It Chapter 2 - Tuesday 27 October at 4pm

The Lighthouse - Tuesday 27 October at 8pm

Scary Movie - Wednesday 28 October at 4pm

Paranormal Activity - Wednesday 28 October at 8pm

The Witch - Thursday 29 October at 4pm

The Cabin In The Woods - Thursday 29 October at 8pm

Child's Play - Friday 30 October at 6pm

The Descent - Friday 30 October at 9pm

Coco - Saturday 31 October at 12pm

The Invisible Man - Saturday 31 October at 4pm

Halloween (2018) - Saturday 31 October at 8pm

The Haunted Mansion - Sunday 1 November at 4pm

The Ring ­ - Sunday 1 November at 8pm

Aaaand breathe.

Featured Image Credit: Park N Party

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