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Andy Samberg Pleads For Bruce Willis To Make Cameo In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg Pleads For Bruce Willis To Make Cameo In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

He has asked before... but there's no harm in trying again

If you're a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then you'll know there is only one way Andy Samberg could answer the question 'which dream guest would you like to have on the show?'.

Yet that's exactly what Jimmy Fallon asked the actor on The Tonight Show. Samberg, of course, replied: "For us, there's one. My character is obsessed with Die Hard, so we've long said that getting Bruce Willy would be like a huge thing.

"I mean, I've appealed many times for this, I think maybe he's like waiting for the end to surprise us and shock the world, or, he hates me."

At this point, the host interjected and encouraged Willis to trust Samberg and get involved with the show. But as the actor and comedian pointed out, he has made the plea before to no avail.

Back in 2018, the 41-year-old looked straight down the camera on Entertainment Tonight and begged Willis to appear on the show.

Will we ever get to see Willis in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

He said: "I know we've asked him like 10 times already, but I personally haven't.

"Hey Bruce - look, my character Jake Peralta on the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is moderately successful, is obsessed with Die Hard and thinks that your character John McClane is the coolest character in the history of cinema.

"I, Andy Samberg, I'm a comedian, also feel that way. If you'd come be on the show, even if it's for one sentence, like a cool cameo, like we bump on each other on the street and you go, 'Excuse me,' and then walk away.

"If you had it in your schedule to breeze by just for one shot, I think it would mean a lot to the show, to the fan base."

Andy Samberg plays Detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The yearning for this cameo does indeed extend beyond Samberg.

During a Reddit AMA, Dan Goor - who co-created the show with Michael Schur - was asked 'who would you have liked to have been the guest star in this new season and why?', and he replied, 'Bruce Willis for obvious reasons.'

As if this wasn't enough, there's also a petition on to get Willis on the show; though it's only got about 150 signatures, so it would be a little surprising if this persuaded him over the continually grovelling of the show's star.

Every little helps I suppose.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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