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Incredible Answer On Celebrity Mastermind Is Already Being Called TV Moment Of 2020

Incredible Answer On Celebrity Mastermind Is Already Being Called TV Moment Of 2020

A moment on Celebrity Mastermind has got 2020 off to a solid start, after Casualty star Amanda Henderson left viewers in hysterics with one of the most half-ar**d answers the show has seen. Watch:


She'd been asked a question about 17-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg (whose birthday is today, FYI), and her book No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, which was released last year.

Quiz master John Humphries asked the actor: "The 2019 book entitled No One is Too Small to Make a Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What's her name?"

A stumped Henderson simply shook her head, saying: "Sharon?"

Zero f***s given.


The clip was shared online by a Twitter user called Mark Smith, who wrote: "2020 is cancelled."

Another person tweeted: "2020 has already peaked. Might as well just give her the Mastermind trophy now."

A third added: "Sharon has to be best quiz answer in 2020. Great start to the decade."

I think it's fair to assume that Henderson wasn't being serious with her answer, having smashed her specialist subject about songs from animated Disney films from 1989-1999 - it was likely more of a 'don't know, don't care' kind of vibe. And frankly, it's brilliant.

It's also reminiscent of THIS iconic moment from Pointless a couple of years ago.

Two contestants called Sarah and Mariam appeared on the BBC game show, where they were asked to name a country that ended with two consonants.

To reiterate: a country with two consonants.

Giving her answer, Sarah shrugged and told host Alexander Armstrong: "Paris."

And while that in itself was a great TV moment, the seconds that followed were true gold, as Mariam shot her the biggest glare I think I've ever seen. Honestly, if looks could kill.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

It probably didn't help that Sarah has an A-Level in geography, either. Admittedly, she didn't disclose what grade she got, but still.

As Mariam stared at her friend in utter disbelief, Armstrong tried to console Sarah, telling her not to worry.

As Sarah said her mind had gone 'blank', Armstrong told her: "Don't worry, really don't worry. A) I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't several 100-scorers in this round, and B) it's always tough going on that first podium, so I'm sorry to put you under that pressure."

Something tells me the train ride home for Sarah and Mariam was slightly on the quiet side.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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