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Britain's Got Talent Viewers Think They've Figured Out Magician's Explosive Trick

Britain's Got Talent Viewers Think They've Figured Out Magician's Explosive Trick

Simon Cowell didn't have it figured, that's for sure...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Eagle-eyed viewers of Britain's Got Talent reckon that they've figured out a magic trick performed by contestant James Stott on judge Simon Cowell.

Ex-marine magician Stott performed an incredible trick with the assistance of the high-trousered music mogul on last night's show, it involved a dagger, and then some detonators, and a load of explosives.

Yep, it was all-action, alright.

So, the trick involved Cowell placing a dagger beneath one of the numbered bags that Stott had placed on the judges' desk.

Then, he claimed that he would use the skills accrued during his military career to ascertain which one the dagger was concealed beneath.


Then, as if things couldn't get any more tense, he invited Cowell up onto the stage where Stott stood with five boxes fitted with plungers.

He then proceeded to guess which ones would explode on the stage, and even took the wire from the one that wouldn't explode and put it into his mouth.

It seemed as if there was plenty of risk involved. However, the 'Magic Marine' might not have fooled everyone. Some people reckon they've copped on to what he did.

One Twitter user wrote: "I reckon the Marine box guy (didn't catch name), had fuses in each box, that he could switch on/off.. still very dramatic though!"

Another one said: "Hate the be the party pooper but I bet the red bit he's holding wasn't even the explosive."

A third asked: "Anyone else see how the marine did the first trick? I can't be the only one who saw how it was all set up."

Well, it does seem as if there are some amateur explosives experts out there watching ITV on a Saturday night, who knew?


There are a few theories, to be fair. Another person commented: "The TNT he took put in his mouth would never of exploded. The plungers where wired up to a separate explosive inside the box. That's why he put the TNT back in the box before Simon pushed the plunger to make it seem as if the TNT exploded."

So, it's possible that one, or none, of these theories are correct. That's sort of the joy of magic though, isn't it?

What matters most is that the judges and the crowd were impressed, he certainly managed that. To be fair, every piece of stage magic has some sort of trick behind it. That's why they are called magic tricks.

Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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