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Bloke Gets Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Drinking White Claw On His Arm

Bloke Gets Tattoo Of Baby Yoda Drinking White Claw On His Arm

A Star Wars fan decided to end the year on a high by getting tattoo of Baby Yoda - 2019's most unlikely viral star.

New Star Wars live-action series The Mandalorian has been a HUGE hit with viewers since it debuted last month on Disney+. But while some people might be praising the narrative arcs, character development or swanky sci-fi gadgets, there's one thing in particular that most people are talking about, and that's Baby Yoda.


One person was so taken with the adorable green creature that he decided to pay tribute to him in a very permanent way.

Feeling inspired after seeing Baby Yoda drinking his tea in the fourth episode of the show, Brock McLaughlin decided to get a tat of the wrinkly lil guy - though for McLaughlin's version, he's drinking a can of White Claw, an alcoholic sparkling water sold in the United States.

Sharing photos of the new inking on Twitter, McLaughlin wrote: "Ain't no laws when baby yoda drinking claws. To end 2019 I got a tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw. Enjoy babbbby!"


According to Mashable, the tattoo was completed by an artist called Paul Wolk and took two hours to finish.

Speaking to the publication, McLaughlin said: "As someone who works in marketing I was fascinated by the cult of White Claw and how the [drink] dominated the conversation this summer.

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Credit: Twitter/Brock McLaughlin
Credit: Twitter/Brock McLaughlin

"Baby Yoda and White Claw together just seemed like the perfect combination."


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He added: "My friends love it, at least that's what they tell me to my face.

"My girlfriend is supportive which is how I know she's a keeper."

While some people questioned McLaughlin's permanent ode to a viral sensation, others were seriously into it - including White Claw, which got involved on Twitter by replying with some Yoda-style feedback.


Another impressed Twitter user wrote: "I respect this tattoo. An A+ good bad decision. This is 2019 in a nutshell. Could think of no more fitting way to commemorate this hell year. We're all gonna be dead soon, have some fun."

Someone else joked: "I'm gonna get a tattoo of this guy who has a Baby Yoda tattoo."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Brock McLaughlin

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