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Bodybuilding 73-Year-Old Shows Off Muscles On America's Got Talent

Bodybuilding 73-Year-Old Shows Off Muscles On America's Got Talent

She gave host Terry Crews a run for his money

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A 73-year-old bodybuilder wowed viewers during America's Got Talent last night, showing off her incredible physique in a teeny bikini.

Josefina Monasterio walked out in front of judges Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and guest panellist Eric Stonestreet.

Josefina strutted on the stage to be told by Simon: "You're a shy little thing, aren't you?"

Josefina, who didn't get into bodybuilding until she was in her 50s, started rocking about the stage, showing off her poses and stances to the strains of 'Pump It' by the Black Eyed Peas.

She was then joined by AGT presenter Terry Crews, who appeared topless, showing off his equally impressive muscles.

Sofia heaped praise on Josefina, telling her: "I want you to train me! I want to be you when I am your age."

Viewers were also bowled over by the bodybuilder, with one posting on social media: "I absolutely love this woman and her energy!"

Another wrote: "She is very inspiring and in perfect shape for a 73-year-old."

While a third chipped in: "I expected an arm wrestle or something, but it seems like she was having lots of fun with the audience. I was laughing the whole time how she kept flexing."

Sadly, her act, which was basically just her flexing and posing, wasn't quite strong enough to see her through to the next round.

Simon has seemingly got his eyes on the bodybuilder, telling her: "I think next year, you've just got to come back and do something."

NBC/America's Got Talent

Josefina isn't the only bodybuilder to show us that it's never too late to hit the gym.

Last year, an 82-year-old grandmother hit headlines after she managed to fight off a 28-year-old burglar who made the unwise move to try and rob her house.

Willie Murphy, who is just five feet tall and weighs around 105lbs, can deadlift 225lb - so she made short work of the would-be robber.

The man needed an ambulance after Willie whacked him with a table, hit with a broom and doused him in shampoo for good measure.

In an interview after the incident, she said: "I hear a loud noise.

"I'm thinking, 'What the heck was that?' The young man is in my home. He broke the door. I picked up the table, and I went to work on him. The table broke.

"And when he's down, I'm jumping on him. I grabbed the shampoo. Guess what? He's still on the ground. In his face, all of it, the whole thing. I got the broom. He's pulling the broom. I'm hitting him with the broom.

"He picked the wrong house to break into."

He certainly did.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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