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Boris Johnson Says New James Bond Has 'Got To Be A Man'

Boris Johnson Says New James Bond Has 'Got To Be A Man'

The Prime Minister has weighed in on the ongoing debate about who will play the next James Bond

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Boris Johnson has joined in the conversation about who ought to be the next Bond, insisting whoever it is needs to be a man.

With the release of No Time To Die this week, and Daniel Craig bowing out of the franchise, people have been sharing their opinions on who should next be cast in the iconic role.


Suggestions for who should don a tux and become the next Bond have come in thick and fast with everyone from Ricky Gervais to Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey being recommended.

And while the Prime Minister failed to name who he'd like to see as the next Bond he did say whoever it is needs to be a bloke.

He told The Times: "I think it will be up to whoever is the next James Bond is to identify him or herself."

He added: "I think it's got to be a man, frankly. That's my view."

Fellow Conservative Michael Gove has also said he thinks Bond must be a man, before throwing his support behind Time star Stephen Graham.

Gove told the Sun: "James Bond's a man. We don't need a female Bond - it's time for a Scouse Bond, though."

Meanwhile, Craig has refused to be drawn into the debate over who will be his successor, but he has ruled out one star.


During an appearance on Lorraine, host Lorraine Kelly said to him: "You know that everybody's now going 'who's going to be next?' Hugh Jackman told you to just enjoy it..."

At this point, Craig interrupted and jokingly said: "He's not going to be it... Over my dead body."

After getting the giggles at Craig's response, she continued: "He said to you 'enjoy' - would you say that to whoever the next [Bond] may be?"

Craig replied: "Enjoy it... and just stick your head down, get on with the work, do the best you can.

"That's what I said to myself and just said 'look, all I can do is my best. If it doesn't work, swing and a miss, I'll move on.'

"Fingers crossed that it works out for the next person and it will only go up. It will only get better."

A clip of the interview has since gone viral and was even shared by Jackman, who wrote: "Well ... that kills that rumor! Daniel, mate, you'll always be 007 to me. #NoTimeToDie. I'm IN."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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