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Bride Changes Mind On Groom She's Just Met After Learning He's A Millionaire

Bride Changes Mind On Groom She's Just Met After Learning He's A Millionaire

The bride and groom were strangers when they met, having been matched for the Australian version of Married at First Sight

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A bride on the Australian version of Married at First Sight decided her match wasn't for her - only to seemingly change her mind after finding out he's a millionaire.

In the show, in which experts in several fields match strangers based on a series of lifestyle factors, a bride called Stacey Hampton was matched with a friendly chap called Michael Goonan.

The only thing is, Stacey didn't seem particularly bowled over by the bloke she'd been set up with, and appeared to spend a large potion of the day ignoring him.

The 26-year-old law graduate said: "He's not ugly. I don't think he's ugly. But he's not what I normally go for."

She hadn't looked too happy when she met Michael at the altar for the first time, sighing and saying: "At least it's a nice day..."

Stacey Hampton.

As he read his vows she muttered 'Oh, God' under her breath, before more drama ensued when the photographer tried to get snaps of the happy couple after the ceremony.

Telling Michael to 'get off' her dress, she said: "Woah, we are not going to stand that close, trust me."

And as the day went on, the frosty behaviour continued, as Stacey essentially ignored her new husband.

Michael, a 28-year-old businessman, asked Stacey about her two sons, Kosta and Kruz.

"Yeah, they're cute," she said.

Michael told her that, as it happens, he also has a son - which you'd expect the moment bonding would begin and conversation might flow, but Stacey barely indulged him and just said: "Oh, that's good."

Basically, it looked like Stacey wasn't having any of it.

Michael chatting away to Stacey.

However, something changed when her bridesmaid Carla told her she'd given Michael a quick Google and found out he's the director of Adelaide Ice, his family business that also just happens to be South Australia's largest ice manufacturing and packaging company.

Suddenly, Stacey seemed to change her tune.

"That shows me that they've got a lot of drive, if they're in business," she said.

"Maybe I judged him too quickly!"

Inviting Michael for a walk outside after Carla's bombshell, Stacey told him: "I'm not actually this rude. I was so tired, I had no energy."

Kissing him on the lips, she added: "I want to get to know you."

Stacey plants one on Michael.

Now, it should be noted that the power of TV and film editing can be strong, and sometimes scenes are exaggerated or the timeline is altered for dramatic effect.

But many fans couldn't help but think it was slightly suss that Stacey changed her tune after being so unconvinced about Michael before finding out about his wealth.

One person tweeted: "Stacey finds out he has money and a business, sour b**** to sparkling money eyes in seconds."

Another said: "Wow Stacey changed her mind as soon as money was mentioned..."

A third joked: "Stacey: I'm so sorry I was so rude! I was just tired and feeling sick and didn't know you were rich."

Featured Image Credit: Nine

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