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Celebrity Gogglebox Apologises To Eamonn Holmes Following 'Cruel Edit'

Celebrity Gogglebox Apologises To Eamonn Holmes Following 'Cruel Edit'

Celebrity Gogglebox has promised to edit all future repeats of the show

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Bosses from Celebrity Gogglebox have issued a public apology to Eamonn Holmes after he blasted them for how he was edited on Friday night's show.

The This Morning host appeared on the show alongside his wife Ruth Langsford, but hit out at the way he had been edited saying he was 'hurt beyond belief' after he was criticised on social media for his seemingly insensitive response to a show they watched on TV.

Now, the official Gogglebox account has shared a statement apologising and promising to re-edit the episode for future repeats.

The statement reads: "We have apologised to Eamonn over what happened in this week's episode. We understand and respect Eamonn's feelings on such a deeply personal story.

"We have taken the decision to edit the episode for future repeats and look forward to working with Eamonn and Ruth for the rest of the series."

The 60-year-old was left fuming after the episode aired last night and appeared to show his reaction to BBC's Ambulance, which featured a child who managed to resuscitate his dad after he had a heart attack.

The show then cut Eamonn lightheartedly recounting the tale of how he drove wife Ruth to hospital to give birth to their son Jack in 2002.

But Eamonn slammed the 'idiotic and cruel edit' in a series of tweets and claimed they edited out a segment where he opened up about his father's death due to a heart attack.

He hit out at the show for its edit and went on to say his family was still 'haunted' by his father's death.

Eamonn has since shared the statement from Gogglebox, writing: "For those who judged me wrongly. I think it's important you read this. It was a bad edit and we move on with what should be a fun experience on what is almost always a very entertaining programme. Thank you @C4Gogglebox."

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