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Channel 4 Is Open To More From The End Of The F***ing World

Channel 4 Is Open To More From The End Of The F***ing World

It was Channel 4's most binged show

If you felt like you hadn't quite seen enough of The End Of The F***ing World, it's been confirmed that Channel 4 is up for another series of the cult drama.

Good news for everyone who found themselves glued to their TVs during the show's run, then - Channel 4's director of programmes Ian Katz has given writer Charlie Covell free rein to return to it.

Speaking to Deadline, Katz said that Covell 'can keep doing that one as long as she likes' when asked if he could convince the writer to put together a third instalment of the show, which stars Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther.

He told the publication: "I think she might take a breather doing something else for a while, but she's a classic writer."


He also confirmed that TEOTFW is Channel 4's most-binged show ever, saying it's an example of a co-production that really worked for the network because it is 'deeply relatable and relevant to a British audience'.

Exactly how this would come together is another matter, as Covell has already told The Express that the conclusion to season two felt like 'a natural end'. However, she also told Digital Spy that she would 'never say never', and that 'a good idea' had been mooted for a third series.

The show itself was a huge hit with viewers, and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

It follows the coming-of-age story of two teenagers named Alyssa and James, unravelling their tragic stories and darkly comic adventures, and is based on characters first created by comics writer Charles Forsman.


Covell explained to The i: "Series one is about running away. Series two is about that moment where you have to go back and accept and face things to move on.

"We all met with Chuck [Forsman] to talk him through the early thinkings of what is now the second series and he really liked it - that made me more relaxed about writing it.

"I can't take credit for Alyssa and James' popularity as they're Chuck's creation.

"There's something about the disparity between the image they project and who they actually are that makes them recognisable to the audience - we can see them as two very damaged teenagers who just want to connect and we identify with that. I feel it especially with Alyssa.

"I wish I had been that ballsy and headstrong and had the ability to be rude and not care."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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