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​Dead To Me Season 2 Drops On Netflix Today

​Dead To Me Season 2 Drops On Netflix Today

Season one ended on quite the cliffhanger, so we're all keen to know what Jen and Judy have been up to since that shocking finale

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

The second season of Netflix dark comedy Dead to Me is available to watch today - just in time for you to crack open a bottle of red and kick back with a few episodes this weekend.

And when I say a few episodes, I do of course mean splurging on the whole season in one sitting, which is totally okay.

If you've not seen the first series, I'd stop reading if I were you and go put it on. Go on, off you pop.

It followed 'hotheaded widow' Jen (Christina Applegate) as she dealt with the grief of losing her husband in a hit-and-run incident, in turn befriending 'eccentric optimist' Judy (Linda Cardellini) after meeting her at a bereavement support group.


The black comedy proved a big hit with viewers and was praised for the unique way to portrayed the subject of grief, along with its clever twists and turns - not least the small matter of Judy's ex Steve (James Marsden) floating in Jen's pool in the finale.

We don't know much about what season two has in store for us just yet, but from the trailer we do know that the two women decide to cover up Steve's death rather than reporting it... Which, of course, always goes well.

Despite the new dramas, it looks like Jen and Judy will be working through their resilient, albeit slightly unconventional, friendship - even if Jen is understandably still reeling from the news that Judy and Steve were responsible for the death of her husband Ted.

When writer Liz Feldman confirmed that it would be returning for a second season, she told Thrillist: "I always wanted to work in multi-cam, as a joke writer, but then, once I was in year seven or eight of that, I wanted to tell more serialised stories that could have depth and didn't rely on laugh tracks.

"What you're watching in Dead To Me is very much through my lens - how I approach life. I'm a comedian, so my way of handling grief and loss is to feel it and go through it, but also to find the moments that are funny.

"Inevitably, there's something funny in almost every dark thing. If you can find a way to laugh at it, we all know that that helps. It's my coping mechanism."

Dead to Me season two drops on Netflix today (8 May).

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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