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Dexter Star Michael C Hall Really Stalked People To Prepare For The Role

Dexter Star Michael C Hall Really Stalked People To Prepare For The Role

Dexter is returning to our screens later this year

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Ahead of the return of Dexter to our screens, star Michael C. Hall has admitted - bizarrely - that he used to actually stalk people around New York City when he was preparing for the role.

Obviously, he wouldn't let anyone know he was following them, so hopefully they weren't really weirded out, but he needed to get into the mindset of his serial killer/murderer character, the eponymous Dexter Morgan.

The Showtime series is set to return for 10 more episodes later on this year, having debuted in 2006.

Back when he was first offered the part, Hall was preparing extensively, and did quite a bit of research on serial killers and their motives and methods ahead of the start of filming.

Despite watching all of the documentaries he could, and reading books about the subject, there were just some parts of the role that he really needed to inhabit himself.

So, he decided to follow some people about, as you do.


During a 2013 interview, he joked: "I used the fact that I got the part to justify the stalking.

"I was living in New York at the time and I had some time to kill [pun intended]."

Hall explained: "I would go out by myself in New York and try to find someone who was also alone.

"Maybe go to a restaurant with a bar, have a seat in the corner, and find somebody. I would watch them finish their meal and endow them with all kinds of reprehensible characteristics [to make them] a potential victim for Dexter."


So, of course he knows how weird this sounds. In that same interview, he clarified his actions, adding: "I wasn't going to actually do anything.

"I would [just] see what it felt like to follow them a little bit from a block or so away. It's easy in Manhattan because there are people everywhere."


What's worse, that he stalked people about from a distance, or that nobody ever clocked on to him?

Either way, Dexter is set to return to screens later in 2021.

Speaking ahead of the return, Showtime's co-president of entertainment Gary Levine, said: "Dexter is such a special series, both for its millions of fans and for Showtime, as this breakthrough show helped put our network on the map many years ago.

"We would only revisit this unique character if we could find a creative take that was truly worthy of the brilliant, original series.

"Well, I am happy to report that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall have found it, and we can't wait to shoot it and show it to the world."

Featured Image Credit: Showtime

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