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Former Walking Dead Fans Baffled That People Still Watch The Show

Former Walking Dead Fans Baffled That People Still Watch The Show

The show is set to conclude in 2022 with its 11th season

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Former fans of The Walking Dead are feeling baffled that there are some people still watching the show, with many saying they gave up after finding it became 'the same' or that they felt it was 'never going to end'.

The conversation has been happening over on Twitter, where one person wrote: "F*** small talk I wanna know at what point you gave up on The Walking Dead."

The topic's clearly one that many others feel strongly about, as the tweet has racked up more than 232,000 likes and 27,000 retweets.

One person replied: "It just ended up being the same, 1. Find a safe place. 2 rival gang of humans wants to kill them. 3. Fight zombies and humans 4. Move to new safe place. Had so much potential as well."


A second commented: "What's so funny I stopped watching Walking Dead because all the characters kept making such stupid decisions, and then this pandemic happened and it turned out people are just fucking stupid irl too lol."

Kirk McKeand, Editor-in-Chief of The Gamer, even went as far as to write an article titled 'Why The Hell Am I Still Watching The Walking Dead?'.

He calculated he's spent 'around 147 hours' of his life watching the series, writing: "Almost a week! A week of my life spent watching a show that's morphed into a soap opera with zombies.

"The Walking Dead is s***, and yet I shamble onwards, clawing and shuffling, hoping I get to sink my teeth into something soon."


He added that he's 'invested too much time in it to cash out now', saying: "Thank god there are only 29 episodes left until the end - just one more day of my life."

But many other Twitter users believe there's still enjoyment to be had from the show, which is due to conclude in 2022 after the 11th season.

One wrote on the thread: "If ya'll stopped, you're MISSING OUT big time!!! Season 10 is a Renaissance. The groove is back. The show is amazing again.

"Admittedly, season 7 was mediocre and hard to get through - but the mid-season finale/finale were on point.

"Season 8 and 9 had their moments, but were trash."

Another fan agreed: "I loved last season. Every one of them was on their game. And it was an absolutely satisfying outcome after the build up for the season.

"I watched the last show 3 times to drink everything in."

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