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Fans Compare ITV's New Cop Drama Viewpoint To BBC's Line Of Duty

Fans Compare ITV's New Cop Drama Viewpoint To BBC's Line Of Duty

Noel Clarke has been singled out for particular praise for his performance

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Viewers of ITV's new cop drama Viewpoint have been raving about the show, with some even going as far as comparing it to BBC's wildly successful bent-cop-a-thon Line of Duty.

High praise, indeed.

It has arrived just in the nick of time, too. Line of Duty will wrap up for the sixth season with a thrilling finale this Sunday (1 May).

Viewpoint stars Noel Clarke in the lead role, alongside Alexandra Roach and Catherine Tyldesley. It started yesterday (26 April) and will run each night at 9.00pm until Friday (30 April) on ITV One.

Clarke has received special praise for his performance as DC Martin Young, a copper who is trying to get to the bottom of a missing person case by keeping watch over the prime suspect from across the road.


Even though there has only been one episode so far, fans have been quick to anoint it as a potential successor to Line of Duty.

One person wrote: "Could ITV's Viewpoint be the new Line of Duty, asking for a friend?"

Another said: "Ooooh now just hold on, this #viewpoint has started well....

"[Line of Duty] you need to get busy on a new series guys....."

A third decided to go the whole way and said: "#Viewpoint better than Line of Duty."

A bold claim, that's for sure.

The series was filmed in Manchester after the end of the first national lockdown, and Clarke admitted the filming process away from his family was a 'lonely' time for him.

The 45-year-old, who has three children with his wife Iris, said: "It was quite a lonely shoot.

"I worked and I went back to this apartment in Manchester.

"I made sure I stayed in."

He told Radio Times: "We were tested every two to three days and during shooting they asked us not to go out to restaurants and stay within our bubbles."


In the end, he was taken away from his family for 85 days while the shoot took place, but - if the fans of the show are to be believed - it will prove to have been well worth it.

Of Clarke's performance, one said: "Noel Clarke's a shoo-in for best actor awards #Viewpoint."

Another said: "Really enjoyed #Viewpoint Nice set up for an increasingly tense drama over the rest of the week. Great understated performance from Noel Clarke."

A third wrote: "Omg @NoelClarke #viewpoint is amazing."

Viewpoint will air each night for the next four nights at 9.00pm on ITV One.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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