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Fans Fuming As Aspect Ratio Of The Simpsons On Disney+ Cuts Off Jokes

Fans Fuming As Aspect Ratio Of The Simpsons On Disney+ Cuts Off Jokes

Streaming service Disney+ finally launched in the UK this week, but fans of The Simpsons have been left less than pleased by one element of the service.

The aspect ratio of the classic animated sitcom - basically that's the shape of the image, which affects how it fits on your TV screen - has been causing a bit of a stir. While you might think it's not a big deal, the change has meant that some of the show's well-loved visual gags have been getting cut off.

All 30 seasons of the long-running animated show have been added to Disney+ - which will hopefully be enough to get us through the next few weeks, at least. But hardcore fans are a bit miffed by the fact that some of the old episodes have been stretched out to fit on newer screens.

In doing this, it's meant that some of people's favourite jokes have been cut off in order for the frame to fit.


One of these occasions is the school trip to the Duff Beer factory. If you recall - there are three pipes filling barrels with Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry but they're all coming from the same place, as you can see below:

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And you better believe that people are fuming about it - it's easy to blame this on boredom while everyone's on nationwide lockdown, but if the show's writers have taken the time to craft these gags, it seems a shame to lose them.


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Still, while The Simpsons might not be viewable in an ideal ratio, you probably don't have much else to do over the next few weeks, so click here to start your week-long free trial of Disney+. Enjoy, LADs.

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