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Fans Reckon Hubie Halloween Confirms Adam Sandler Cinematic Universe

Fans Reckon Hubie Halloween Confirms Adam Sandler Cinematic Universe

Fans reckons Adam Sandler's latest flick Hubie Halloween appears to suggest there's some sort of 'Sandler Cinematic Universe'.

The film features a number of Easter Eggs that seem to point towards the idea that many of Sandler's movies take place in the same universe.

For example, Ben Stiller pops up as Hal L., who previously appeared in Happy Gilmore.


The movie also features a red-headed bully named Andy O'Doyle, who is also certainly related to the notorious O'Doyle kids who featured in Billy Madison.

Meanwhile, Hubie's love interest (played by Julie Bowen) is named Violet Valentine - a nod to the previous names with double-V initials that Sandler has chosen for his on-screen romantic interests, such as Little Nicky's Valerie Veran and Vicki Vallencourt from The Waterboy.

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot the various references and the possibility of an entire Sandlerverse.

Posting on Twitter, one person said: "Guys I don't want to alarm anyone, but I JUST put on Hubie Halloween and the first person we see is Hal L. This means there's an entire Happy Madison universe."


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Another wrote: "Only five minutes into Hubie Halloween and I'm loving the little Easter eggs! Hal L. is back, Virginia Venit is in town, the O'Doyle kids are raising hell, Bobby Boucher's peed on sheets?! Well done. This is awesome for an old fan already!"

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Adam Sandler's Hubie Halloween Ends With Tribute To Cameron Boyce

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A third said: "So like did Hubie Halloween just confirm an Adam Sandler cinematic universe? Like that was Ben Stiller as Hal L. again, in the beginning. Why this is the thing I'm most concerned about when there's a debate going on? God knows."

While fans of Sandler loved the throwback movie references littered throughout, does it maybe mean that the lives of Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Hubie exist in the same universe?


Speaking to Yahoo about the existence of a 'Sandlerverse'', the actor joked: "It just happens that we run out of stuff to talk about, so just bring that s*** back from 1961."

And when quizzed about whether they could all come together one day, he added: "I'd like that, I just got to get mentally prepared for that.

"So that'll probably happen in another 35 years. We're going to get to that."

I reckon fans might hold him to that.

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