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Man Points Out Incredibly Dark Scene We All Missed In Shrek

Simon Catling

| Last updated 

Man Points Out Incredibly Dark Scene We All Missed In Shrek

It's 20 years since the first Shrek came out and it's reputation as a cuddly children's film with a nod and a wink to adult humour has gradually grown - with fans finding more and more shocking moments they might've missed the first time round. Check out this clip:


Already reeling from Lord Farquaad's, erm, excitement at seeing the Princess Fiona in the mirror, fans are now going to have to come to terms with the fate of bit-part character Mama Bear after one shocked viewer pointed it out on Twitter.

Twitter user @SanadeSweet explained the tragic timeline of the three bears family in the first Shrek movie via a video they posted.

In the first clip, they show Papa and Mama Bear trapped in a cage by Farquaad's henchmen, with their child Baby Bear also caught in a smaller cage. Mama Bear is wearing a pink bow on her heard.

Credit: Twitter/SanadeSweet
Credit: Twitter/SanadeSweet

The video then fast forwards to another clip showing the bear family, only this time you can only see Papa Bear and Baby Bear. They're huddled together with Papa Bear looking sad and Baby Bear crying, even though they now appear to be free. Mama Bear nowhere to be seen.

So where is she?

Credit: Twitter/SanadeSweet
Credit: Twitter/SanadeSweet

Well, the person then fast forwards the film on again and we see a broad shot of one of the rooms in the castle. The camera pans along the floor and passes a rug.

It's a familiar rug too; it looks like it's been made from the fur of a bear. The bear is clearly dead, with its tongue lolling out of mouth, but it is adorned with a pink bow... oh no.

Yes, the suggestion here is that Farquaad may have set Papa Bear and Baby Bear free but at a price: Mama Bear.

Credit: Twitter/SanadeSweet
Credit: Twitter/SanadeSweet

Users were horrified, with one saying: "You're telling me I used to watch this and have a grand old time? Childhood was DARK".

Another wrote: "Oh my god!!!!!! Wtf"

Of course there were some eager to explore the meaning behind it, too.

One user wrote: "Shrek is a parody aimed mainly at Disney movies. Walt Disney's mother passed when he was young so that's why there's no mothers in his movies only father figures so when they killed mama bear it's basically referring to that fact."

Whatever the reason, it's a shocking discovery that only further darkened many people's favourite childhood film.

Back in April eagle-eyd TikTok user @kathy_martinez05 shared one scene that likely went way over your head as a youngster.

In the clip, Lord Farquaad can be seen reclining in bed with a martini while asking the magic mirror to show him a picture of Princess Fiona, to which the mirror obliges

If you look closely at the bed sheets, though, you'll see a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where a bulge seems to appear as though the villain is just a bit too excited about the thought of her.

Honestly, we're dreading what they're going to unearth next.

Featured Image Credit: Dreamworks

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Simon Catling
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