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Fox News Host Roasted For Hilarious You Blunder Thinking Co-Star Is Talking About Her

Fox News Host Roasted For Hilarious You Blunder Thinking Co-Star Is Talking About Her

Laura Ingraham was speaking to contributor Raymond Arroyo who was talking about 'woke' television

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the moment that resulted in a Fox News host being roasted after mistakenly believing a contributor was referring to her and not the Netflix show You:

Laura Ingraham was presenting her show The Ingraham Angle when she spoke to Raymond Arroyo regarding 'woke' television.

Raymond started to talk about a part of You (the show) which features a storyline involving the lead character Joe (played by Penn Badgley) and his son Henry.

It comes to light that Henry has contracted measles from an unvaccinated family that live nearby.

Speaking about the events that were unfolding, Arroyo said: "You know I was watching an episode of You where measles came up," before he had chance to finish, Ingraham asked: "Wait, wait, wait, when did I mention measles?"

Fox News

Instead of quickly explaining that he was watching the Netflix show called You, the contributor instead said: "I don't know. It was on You."

Laura says: "What was on me? What are you talking about? Is Raymond even hearing what I'm saying?

"I never had the measles. We never did a measles and vaccine episode, is this a joke?"

Raymond then repeats: "It was on You, it was on You," to which Laura, raising her voice now, says: "I've never had... Raymond, I've never had measles. What are you talking about, this is stupid?"

Raymond, still pointlessly trying to vaguely explain, continued: "It was an episode of a show, Laura." She then asks: "What's it called?"

He then replies: "You, You, it's called You. It's a show called You on Netflix."

She then goes on to ask: "There's a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?"

To this, Raymond gives up and moves on.

Fox News

It seems people can't work out whether the conversation was staged or whether this was Raymond pranking Laura - given the fact he waits a hell of a long time before explaining that You is a show on Netflix.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Y'all if you ever thought the folks over at Fox News couldn't get any dumber, Laura Ingraham just said hold my beer."

Another added: "Part of me - having watched this four times now and LOL-ed each time - feels like he's pranking Ingraham.

"I mean, he waits 53 seconds to say, 'There's a show called 'You' on Netflix,' but then again, even after he says that, she says, 'A show called Laura Ingraham?'"

Featured Image Credit: Fox News

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