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Game Of Thrones Star Michael Condron Working As Asda Delivery Driver During Lockdown

Game Of Thrones Star Michael Condron Working As Asda Delivery Driver During Lockdown

He's a long way from Westeros now...

Michael Condron, one of the stars of Game of Thrones has been spending the lockdown that we're all stuck in just now making deliveries of online shopping for Asda.

Hey, whilst this global pandemic is ongoing, we've all got to find ways to keep ourselves active, and - for actors, at least - they've got to find a bit of work.

With that in mind, Condron - who played Lord Steward of the Night's Watch Bowen March in ten episodes of the HBO series - has been making deliveries to houses around his native Belfast.

The Northern Ireland based actor, who has also starred on the stage, as well as in The Tudors and Soft Border Patrol, is actually having a good time, too.

Condron in Game of Thrones.

In fact, he's said that it's so enjoyable that he'll probably keep on the job in a part-time capacity once he's able to resume his acting career after the lift of the lockdown.

The 42-year-old told Belfast Live that he 'absolutely loves' the role, adding: "Every single person has a role to play in these times. People now should really appreciate the hard work that everybody does - I think people who work in supermarkets have often been taken for granted."

He added: "A friend of mine said Asda were looking for people to work there so I got in touch. I came down, got a job and I absolutely love it.

"The job means I can continue to have that interaction with people like I get in a theatre. It's kept me mentally in a good place and it continues to do so.

Condron had work lined up, but has had to cancel it.

'I've been having a brilliant time meeting people I've never met before. I do about 17 to 18 calls a day when I'm working, so I've been getting to know lots of different people. Some of them have come to be regular customers too - it's nice to have a rapport with them.

"Some of the elderly people I see haven't been able to get out of their homes due to the lockdown and they just want to talk."

On top of that, it's been a welcome boost to some of his customers, who have recognised him as 'that guy off the telly'.

He explained: "And through my experiences working with Asda I think I can write a play! I've managed to find many, many characters. All of them fantastic!

"Everyone in the store has been fantastic since I've been here. They've all been sound and dead on."

Michael in his Westeros days.

As for keeping the job once it's all over, he said: "It's definitely sometime I would be keen on doing. It's really good for me. It's very physical work and it's keeping me really fit too."

His store manager at Asda Belfast Shore Road said: "It's really fantastic having Michael work us. He's swapped the black leather of the Night's Watch to the Asda green of a delivery driver.

"He gets on really well with all staff here and customers too and we're very happy to have him. It's nice to have a local celebrity working with us.

"As a lot of Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland and by the North Coast there are many fans around here and in store.

"Michael's a very humble and modest man and hasn't said anything to his customers but he has been recognised - although he does look different!"

Now, in his new role.
Twitter/Michael Condron

His line manager Susan Donaldson added: "It's nice to have a local celebrity who's been in such a global sensation as Game of Thrones working in our store. For someone like him to want to come and work here as a key worker is great.

"Michael is absolutely brilliant! He does a bit of driving and also click and collect too. He is very much part of the team and integrated really well. He's picked things up very quickly."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Michael Condron

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