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Gogglebox Shares Close Up Shot Of Jenny Newby's Line Of Duty Notepad

Gogglebox Shares Close Up Shot Of Jenny Newby's Line Of Duty Notepad

Detective Jenny is on the case

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Gogglebox has shared a close-up image of Jenny's Line of Duty notebook and fans are absolutely delighted.

Jenny Newby, who sits alongside best pal Lee Riley on the hit Channel 4 show, had viewers intrigued after she whipped out her Line of Duty notepad when the police drama came back to our screens last month.

Channel 4/Gogglebox

And fair play to her, as anyone who watches the show can attest to how complicated it can get while trying to work out exactly who H is and that's before you even get started on the acronyms.

So it's a solid idea from Jenny, and if you've been wondering exactly what she's been scribbling in her notepad then I have some good news for you, because the official Gogglebox Twitter account has now given us all a glimpse at its pages.

Posting the photo, the account wrote: "Take a screen grab and zoom in for your sneak peek into Detective Jenny's notebook as the investigation continues!"

In the close-up shot we can see Jenny's very handy acronym guide, so she doesn't confuse her ARUs with her ARVs, as well as a page of notes she took during episode three.

Among her musings is the fact that she reckons it's 'defo not Boyle' who killed Gail Vella as well as a reference to 'bent coppers' - well would it even be a Line of Duty notepad if it didn't include Ted Hasting's catchphrase?

Fans of both Gogglebox and Line of Duty were delighted with the sneak peek at the notepad, with many praising her for the idea.

Channel 4

Replying to the tweet, one person commented: "Detective Jenny is on the case. Move aside Detective Kate Fleming."

Another wrote: "They will be contacting Jenny for clues and ideas with that notebook. Oh my god how thrilled she'd be if they did."

A third said: "This is very helpful - thanks Jenny."

While another replied: "I definitely need a Jenny notepad."

And it's not just fans who love Jenny's notepad - actor Gregory Piper, who plays PC Ryan Pilkington in the show, posted on Twitter to say it 'made his day' when he saw his character's name make it into the book.

Piper wrote: "Watching @C4Gogglebox and 'Pilkington' making it into Jenny's notebook has made my day! #LOD6 @leegogglebox."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Gogglebox

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