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Gogglebox's Jenny Rips Up Her In-Depth 'H' Notebook After Watching Line Of Duty Finale

Gogglebox's Jenny Rips Up Her In-Depth 'H' Notebook After Watching Line Of Duty Finale

She wasn't impressed

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Gogglebox's Jenny ripped up her famous Line of Duty notebook after she watched the season finale. Watch the dramatic moment below:


Jenny was furious when H was revealed to be Ian Buckells in the final episode, and her reaction on last night's episode of Gogglebox (7 May) echoed the disappointed response of many fans.

While the credits rolled, she tore pages out of her prized notebook, warning her mate Lee Riley not to laugh.

But it wasn't just Jenny who was left disappointed, with fellow Goggleboxer Pete Sandiford shouting at the telly: "You've got to be f**king joking!"

Fans shared Jenny's sentiments.

One wrote: "And she's absolutely right. Thank you Gogglebox for reacting like the majority of the public. Sod the high brow view! Shockingly bad ending."

"Another commented: Bless her heart man, I felt her frustration after putting in such an effort to keep on track... I'm 34 and exactly the same."

Gogglebox recently shared a close up of Jenny's notepad, which somehow actually makes the whole show even more confusing.

Fair play to her though, as anyone who watched the show can attest to how complicated it can get while trying to work out exactly who H is - and that's before you even get started on the acronyms.

Posting the photo, the account wrote: "Take a screen grab and zoom in for your sneak peek into Detective Jenny's notebook as the investigation continues!"

In the close-up shot we can see Jenny's very handy acronym guide, so she doesn't confuse her ARUs with her ARVs, as well as a page of notes she took during episode three.

Among her musings is the fact that she reckons it's 'defo not Boyle' who killed Gail Vella as well as a reference to 'bent coppers' - well, would it even be a Line of Duty notepad if it didn't include Ted Hasting's catchphrase?

Fans of both Gogglebox and Line of Duty were delighted with the sneak peek at the notepad, with many praising her for the idea

Featured Image Credit: Gogglebox

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