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Gordon Ramsay's 1-Year-Old Son Looks Furious As He Crashes Interview

Gordon Ramsay's 1-Year-Old Son Looks Furious As He Crashes Interview

He has the trademark Ramsay scowl

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Gordon Ramsay's baby son Oscar crashed the sweary TV chef's interview with Kelly Clarkson this week, and in the process the young lad demonstrated a facial expression that'll be more than familiar to fans of Kitchen Nightmares.

Speaking from his family home, the TV chef spoke to Kelly on her chat show - when the video link kicked in, he was seen with one-year-old Oscar sat on his knee.

The baby, who is the spitting image of his famously grumpy dad, was too much to take for Kelly, with the host visibly delighted at the sight of Oscar.

Kelly opened the chat by saying: "What's up there chef, how you doing?" She then spotted Oscar and was clearly smitten, adding: "Oh my gosh, do not do this to me."

She put her hands up to her face, explaining: "I so want another child and my husband was like, 'No, we have four.'

"Oh my gosh, so cute. I know this is kind of a weird statement but I want to eat your baby."

The Kelly Clarkson Show

And as Gordon tried to show his kitchen to the camera, Oscar showed his face once more, and Kelly lost it all over again.

A very broody Kelly said: "Oh my gosh please don't do this to me, I have such baby fever. I want a little baby."

Gordon revealed that he has a tiny doppelganger when he put up a Facebook post to celebrate the tot's first birthday.

We saw just how much Oscar looks like his dad when the celebrity chef, who has recently been abroad starring in Gordon, Gino, and Fred: American Road Trip, offered up some birthday wishes to his young son.

The little fella already bears the trademark Ramsay scowl.

Gordon and baby son Oscar.

Ramsay wrote: "Happy Happy 1st Birthday to this little Boy have a great day Oscar love you Daddy"

Aww, how sweet. No swearing either, which is a turn-up for the books.

Anyway, despite the fact that Ramsay is clearly just trying to send a lovely message to his beloved son, most people just can't get it out of their head that Oscar looks ridiculously similar to his dad - frown and all.

One person wrote: "He has your 'I am so disappointed that you're not listening to my advice' scowl that we've seen so many times on tv! Happy birthday Oscar! Wishing you and your family health and happiness!"

Another person said: "Oh boy, the 2nd Gordon Ramsay. He looks just like you when you are mad at people. Happy Birthday, Oscar."

A third person repeated: "Happy Birthday Oscar how time flies you are the spitting image of your dad and I love the face your pulling again just like your dad."

Featured Image Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show/NBCUniversal Television

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