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Guy In Long-Distance Relationship Sends Mould Of His Penis To Girlfriend

Guy In Long-Distance Relationship Sends Mould Of His Penis To Girlfriend

A man forced into a long-distance relationship due to the coronavirus has posted a mould of his penis to his girlfriend.

Kelly had been living Down Under with her Aussie boyfriend Sam when lockdown measures were announced and she subsequently decided to fly back to the UK and self-isolate with her family.

Naturally, this has been tricky for the pair.


Explaining the situation on last night's episode of Channel 4's Sex in Lockdown: Keep S**gging and Carry On (Friday 12 June), Kelly said: "At the time when corona went down I got a phone call from my parents and they said, 'No, you are coming back, this is getting really serious.'

"It's been really difficult as I miss him so much."

Of course, video calling platforms like Zoom mean we can still communicate face-to-face with people no matter how far away they are. However, there's quite a big difference between chatting and... umm, 'getting intimate'.

As such, the couple had the innovative idea of getting Sam's little man moulded.


Sam said: "Kelly and I have made the choice to purchase a clone-a-willy, and I've finally got it.

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"Pretty much the whole container turns into a mould. Pop your d**k in, make the mould around it.

"It is one of those things I think she will enjoy and she is definitely looking forward to it as whenever I bring it up she goes quite giddy. I very much like it as it turns her on. Really looking forward to what her reaction is."

Sam got his little man moulded for Kelly. Credit: Channel 4
Sam got his little man moulded for Kelly. Credit: Channel 4

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A week later, and Sam's little sausage had made it all the way to Kelly's house - and thankfully she beat her parents to the parcel.

After opening the box, Kelly said: "So exciting, we have lift-off. Actually having it here with me brings all the memories flooding back.

"That's so crazy - it has the veins on it and everything. It's nice to have a part of him here with me."

And who said romance is dead, eh?


You can buy the 'Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit' from the Love Honey website for £34.99 ($43.88), which may or may not be a bargain - you'll have to ask Kelly, I suppose.

However, they appear to be sold out at the moment, so it seems lockdown has unsurprisingly done wonders for the mould-your-own-penis market.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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