Harry Styles Eats Cod Sperm To Avoid Awkward Question From Ex Kendall Jenner

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Harry Styles Eats Cod Sperm To Avoid Awkward Question From Ex Kendall Jenner

Bumping into your ex is pretty awful at the best of time, but imagine having to sit down with them and answer questions about your relationship. Christ. No thanks.

So when former One Directioner Harry Styles decided it was better to eat a load of cod sperm than go into the nitty gritty with old flame Kendall Jenner, it's a sentiment most can sympathise with.

The two stars were guests on The Late Late Show with James Cordon and grilled each other about their families and time together - including Harry asking Kendall to rank her siblings' parenting skills.

But it all got a little too much for the 'Lights Up' singer when the chat turned to his latest music release.


And when the question popped up on the card, Kendall said it was one she had been 'dying to know the answer' and that he would have to gobble the fish sp*nk if he refused to.

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

She then asked her ex: "What songs on your last album were about me?"

After the probing question is read out, Harry then pauses, while he thinks about whether he should to chow down on the sploodge or tell the truth?


He then gets to work.

Now, you might be asking yourself exactly how did they manage to extract the sperm from the cod in the first place? And you wouldn't be alone, it's one that Harry asked during the segment.

While we can't answer that, what we can tell you is that cod produce is actually very chewy. Urgh.


As he takes his time finishing the segment of the stuff, Kendall then tells her ex to 'just swallow it'. After registering what she has just said, a winking Harry then asks: "To spit or to swallow, that is the question," - before eventually spitting it out.

Reeling, the visibly shaken popstar then added: "That really carries an aftertaste."

No s***.

But it's not just with Kendall that Harry has had to share a fairly intimate moment with.


Earlier this year, HBO series Euphoria caused a bit of a stir when it portrayed Harry and former band mate Louis Tomlinson enjoying a fairly steamy moment together.

In the episode, Zendaya's character Rue narrated some graphic fan-fiction about 'Larry Stylinson', the fictional romance between to two mates.

At the time, many fans wrote on social media to condemn the 'disrespectful' scene, but it seems it also left Tomlinson pretty rattled, too.

In an interview with the Guardian, the singer was asked about the strange conspiracy theory about he and Styles being involved in a secret relationship.


Tomlinson said: "I know, culturally, it's interesting, but I'm just a bit tired of it."

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