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Hollywood To Consider Using CGI To Create Sex Scenes When Filming Resumes

Hollywood To Consider Using CGI To Create Sex Scenes When Filming Resumes

Plans are being made for when the industry returns from the pandemic

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Hollywood film studios could look to utilise technology to create CGI versions of sex scenes as the industry looks to bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.

Whilst filming has been given the go-ahead to resume on June 12 in California, a document from a film editors' trade association obtained by The Sun suggests that things won't go back to the way they were straight away.

The list includes teaching everyone on set to wash their hands properly, including the Hollywood A-listers who were posting social media tutorials on the same thing just a matter of weeks ago.

It also suggest that maybe there should be a re-think regarding some of the scenes that require the actors to be in intimate contact with one another.

The 22 page document to film studios, the editors association has suggested that 'close contact moments' should be 'either rewritten, abandoned, or CGI fixes them'.

Sony Pictures

As well as that slightly bizarre piece of advice, there are some simpler suggestions at hand than completely re-animating stars on the computer.

Things like face masks and visors for staff on the sets, and not having a live audience on shows that would otherwise have them.

Also, when you think about it, giving everyone a quick lesson in washing their hands is probably a sensible thing to do.

At least you can say that you've done it afterwards.

They also recommend that auditions can take place once again, but behind screens and with 'coronavirus compliance officers' present at every single event.

That would presumably include having one on set, as well.

Universal Pictures

Production has been pretty much completely shut down - outside of the stuff that can be done at home - since March.

Last month, the British Film Commission drafted up a series of changes that could help the sector resume safely.

That list even suggested the idea that crowds of CGI extras could be created to lower the numbers of people hanging around on the sets.

Whilst that sounds a bit easier than the other CGI-based suggestion, there are a few other ideas, too.

Using extras from the same household, or asking cast members to wear their own clothes and do their own hair and make-up was also floated.

The Film and TV Production Codes of Practise will be presented to the UK Government when it is finished as a suggested way of getting the industry back up and running once the lockdown measures allow for filming to resume.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount/20th Century Fox

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