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Hugh Jackman Would Be Open To Face/Off Reboot With Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman Would Be Open To Face/Off Reboot With Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are good pals, aren't they? Some would say the best - they're constantly trolling each other in and endless back-and-forth, playing pranks at every opportunity. Well, now it looks like they could be starring together in a Face/Off reboot. Wait. WHAT?

Ok, 'could be starring' is a slight over-exaggeration. But during a recent interview Jackman, 51, said that he'd be open to the idea - as long as he's not in the same room with his 43-year-old counterpart.

Hugh appeared, via video call (because that's life at the moment), on The Jess Cagle Show and the subject of him potentially working with Ryan came up.


Julia Cunningham, co-host of the show, suggested: "People want you to show up in Deadpool 3 or something - you know, like a really fun cameo. But something I saw recently that was going around on Reddit was if you guys did a reboot of Face/Off where you guys have to trade faces, which I think could be amazing."

Looking as if he was seriously considering the possibility, Hugh replied: "I have not heard that. Yeah. Is it possible to shoot it where we're actually never together - is that possible? I'm open to that."

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Things turned to Ryan's impending birthday, host Jess asked whether Hugh would be sending anything to his pal (even if it was something 'awful'). He replied: "The first thing that came to mind was a game we used to play as kids.


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"Did you ever play that game, we used to call it 'ring-and-run', where you go and knock on someone's door and run away?"

It's 'knock-and-run' or 'knock-a-door-run' round these parts, Hugh, but I think we've got the gist.

He continued: "My older brother took it to the next level and when you came to the door there was a package that was on fire. The package was filled with various amounts of dog poop from the neighbourhood - so you would stamp it out.

"That's the first thing that came to mind. Something like that. Just for fun."


That sound you just heard was an enormous security gate being erected in front of the Reynolds clan's front door.

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