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Keith Lemon Won't Make Crude Jokes On Celebrity Juice Anymore

Keith Lemon Won't Make Crude Jokes On Celebrity Juice Anymore

The Leigh Francis-created character has said that having a family has changed his perception of the show.

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Keith Lemon has insisted he is no longer the 'naughtiest man on television' and has said he's started to tone down the rude nature of his hit ITV2 show, Celebrity Juice.

Running since 2008, Celebrity Juice has been a fixture on UK TV for well over a decade and Leigh Francis' cheeky character has gained notoriety for his crude comedy throughout its run.

The show still continues, with Lemon presenting and current captains Emily Atack and Laura Whitmore, but speaking on Good Morning Britain this week, the comedian said his vulgar days are over all thanks to his wife and kids.

Lemon explained: "Naughtiest man on television title? I don't like it now if I'm honest."

Celebrity Juice has been running on ITV since 2008.

Going on to say how he's changed over time, Lemon said: "I did like it because I was young and edgy but now I'm old and tired."

"I'm a bit more pure now because I have children. The kids watch Celebrity Juice now, I've got that in my mind."

For a time, it seemed as if the more outrageous Lemon got, the more popular the show would become. Initially set up as a panel show to see how much its guests knew about the week's tabloid stories, it soon became a game of back and forth between Lemon and the guests as his antics got wilder.

Who can forget the time that Gino D'Campo was forced to eat 'poo' and drink 'urine' in a challenge which saw him blindfolded with a big clear tube jammed into his mouth?

It caused one viewer to write on Twitter: "Eurgh. No. Sorry. Celebrity Juice has gone too far. I can't watch poo being forced down someone's gob."

The show has resulted in a lot of success for Keith Lemon.

Or how about the time former captain Holly Willoughby had to answer which three things she'd 'like to put up her bum?'

The answer, should you wish to know, was "[Lemon's] k**b, a butt plug, and a carrot."

Lemon said of his show: "The naughtier it got the more successful it became."

But it's apparent that those days are now winding down: "When I used an expletive, the audience went nuts. I never use a script, I just say what I think. Now it's less sweary."

Lemon went on to pour adulation on his wife to the MailOnline - with the pair now also being parents to daughters Matilda and Dolly, who are kept very much out of the public eye.

Talking about wife Jill Carter, Lemon said: "When everyone meets her, they say 'he is punching'".

It's something he said he agreed with, commenting: "Why would I want to date anyone who looks like me? Everyone should punch above their weight when they are dating!"

The pair have been married for 19 years, and the comedian has previously called Jill his 'rock' who he 'loves more everyday'.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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