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Line Of Duty Could Resume Filming In Belfast From Late August

Line Of Duty Could Resume Filming In Belfast From Late August

Good news. We need answers.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

BBC One's popular crime drama Line of Duty is planning on returning to production once again in late August, according to Deadline.

Like almost every other TV show in the world, the show was forced to put a halt to proceedings due to the coronavirus pandemic in March, but it seems as if World Productions is aiming to get started again from the week commencing 24 August.

Obviously, that could all change if the nature of the pandemic changes, but with much of the world - including Northern Ireland, where the show is filmed - starting to open up again, they're hopeful that production can resume on season six of the show.

That date can't come soon enough for fans of the show, for whom the identity - or identities - of the mysterious 'H' is still unknown.


Back in May, the show's creator Jed Mercurio seemed less than hopeful about the possibility of restarting.

He said: "Until wider society has the public health infrastructure of test, trace and isolate in place it's going to be very hard for anyone."

However, since that interview, the UK government has dramatically upped the number of tests taking place, and has implemented a contact tracing system to try to mitigate the spread of the virus.

That means that - as well as a whole host of other things - filming on some shows may be able to resume in the near future.

As for some of the other big UK series that had their production halted due to coronavirus, it has now been suggested that Peaky Blinders and Call the Midwife will be able to get going again in November and September respectively.

While those dates aren't set in stone and are still subject to change based on the state of the virus, it's encouraging news for fans of TV who will be anxiously awaiting news on when their favourite shows can resume.


As the last series finished, viewers were still left hanging as to the identity of the crooked copper within AC-12.

It eventually turned out that 'H' was not just one person, but a network of bent police officers colluding with Stephen Graham's character John Corbett and his organised crime operation.

Even the actors involved in the show aren't sure who 'H' is, if a recent interview with Daniel Mays, who played Sergeant Danny Waldron, is to be believed.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "I don't think it's [Superintendent Ted] Hastings.

"They've already dangled that carrot and I thought it can't possibly be Adrian Dunbar. But you can't ever second guess Jed Mercurio. I've no idea."

A BBC spokesperson said a specific date had not been confirmed, but filming would resume in the coming months. World Productions chose not to comment when approached by LADbible.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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