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'Mama's Boy' Horrifies Shop Owner By Shopping For Lingerie With Mum

'Mama's Boy' Horrifies Shop Owner By Shopping For Lingerie With Mum

Matt stars in TLC's I Love A Mama's Boy where he's trying to spice things up with his girlfriend, Kim

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A shop owner was left gobsmacked after she helped a man choose lingerie for his partner - with his mum in tow:

As if a bloke buying sexy underwear with his mum wasn't bad enough, I Love A Mama's Boy star Matt then picked out a robe for his partner, Kim... and his mum, Kelly.

In a bid to spice up his three-year-relationship, 29-year-old Matt took his 57-year-old mum on a little shopping spree. Little did she know she'd be in for a treat herself.

After they chose a skimpy number for Kim, 26, Matt then moved on to other bits. As the shop owner showed the mother-son duo a black silk robe, Matt said: "Oh, that is nice. She would love that."

The 'she' Matt was referring to was his partner. But his mum quickly interjected, adding: "I would love that," before adding: "I'm kind of her size. I could see me wearing that too." Then Matt agrees with his mum, replying: "I can, too."


Matt said: "There is some intimacy that has fallen short because we do live with my mum and she [Kim] thinks that my mum sometimes is around a little bit too much."

Talking about why he opted to take his mum on the ride with him, he explained: "If I ask my mum her opinion, I'm going to get a for-sure guarantee of a good response."

As the pair entered the store, Kelly introduced herself to the shop owner saying: "It's nice to meet you," turning to Matt, she adds: "This is my son Matthew. My son wants to get something beautiful for his girlfriend with a little bit of razzle dazzle, for Valentine's Day."

Shop owner, Yve.

Speaking to the cameras outside of her store, shop owner Yve said: "I've been in business for 13 years, I do not have a lot of mothers and sons shopping for lingerie at my store. That's really weird to me but hey... I don't know."

Matt and Kim had to move in with Kelly after a fire in their building meant they didn't have many other options. But ever since the couple moved in, Kim has been left unnerved by how close her other half is to his mum.

She said: "I don't want his mum to be his number one. It's just a lot more challenging than I initially thought it would be."

I Love A Mama's Boy drops on streaming service discovery+ on 18 January.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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