Martin Compston And Vicky McClure Reflect On 10 Years Of Line Of Duty Ahead Of Finale

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Martin Compston And Vicky McClure Reflect On 10 Years Of Line Of Duty Ahead Of Finale

Line Of Duty stars Martin Compston and Vicky McClure have shared heartfelt posts reflecting on ten years of the show ahead of tonight's finale.

Compston, who plays Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott in the hit show, posted on Twitter to say it had been 'a job of a lifetime' before thanking fans for their support over the years.

Meanwhile, co-star Vicky McClure, who plays Detective Inspector Kate Flemming, shared a message that read: "Happy Line Of Duty day! Please excuse the slightly over emotional post but it's been quite a surreal time.


"The audience support has been unreal. The creativity of merchandise, the artwork, ground breaking viewing figures and the hype!

"It's not lost on me how lucky I am to be a part of Line Of Duty. Not just because of the success of the show but the life long friendships we've all gained.

"We have such a talent and caring crew. A huge part of its success is down to them. Our amazing star guest Kelly MacDonald! Shalom, Perry, Anna, Tommy, Rosa, Greg, Anneika, Nigel, Ace, Liza, Amy to name just a few of the incredible cast in series six.


"Belfast, our LOD home. Thanks for craic as always.

"Honestly, I can't thank you all enough for your love and dedication to the show.

"Raising my brew to you Jed Mercurio! The epitome of honesty and integrity. Martin Compston and Adrian, I love yous 29! Now... let's wrap this up."

Some fans reckon the posts could be the cast saying a final 'goodbye' to the show, with one writing: "Why does this sound like goodbye forever... please don't let this be goodbye forever!"


Another said: "Very much 'farewell' language on the tweets I'm seeing from cast and crew. Say it ain't so!"

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

While a third wrote: "Erm this better not be goodbye."

However, both Compston and McClure have said they 'genuinely' do not know if the show will be back again or not.


Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, McClure said: "Genuinely don't [know]. We don't know anything, not just saying it for effect."

While Compston added: "That's nothing different for us. Jed always takes months after - there's stuff above our pay grade, analytics, figures and all that kind of thing that comes in. He always takes time off. But I think it is important to say, I think this natural story arc that we've been on for the last six years..."

To which Ross pointed out: "That's coming to an end."

Prompting Compston to continue: "We won't come back just for the sake of it. That's for sure. We'll come back if there's a story to tell. But, so as well, if it ends well maybe sometimes it is best to leave it. But, so, genuinely we don't know."


One thing we do know is that the finale is on BBC at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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