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Martin Compston Shares Script Picture As Line Of Duty Prepares To Resume Filming Series Six

Martin Compston Shares Script Picture As Line Of Duty Prepares To Resume Filming Series Six

Compston is clearly keen to get back to work

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

It looks as if Line of Duty is set to resume filming once again, after actor Martin Compston shared a picture of his script for episode five of season six.

Compston - who plays DS Steve Arnott - shared a picture of his script on Twitter with the caption: "It's been a long few months to linger on that ep4 bombshell, I can tell you it was worth the wait."

That pretty much confirms that after months of waiting because of you-know-what, the BBC's hard-hitting crime thriller is set to resume, and might remain on track to come out in 2021 after all.

This comes after creator Jed Mercurio also shared the news that he was heading over to Belfast to get cracking once again.

Twitter/Martin Compston

Mercurio wrote on Twitter: "So I'm on a British Airways flight to Belfast to self-isolate before resuming filming of Line of Duty and the two passengers in the row behind aren't wearing masks and the flight attendant won't challenge them.

"If we have to shut down again, you know who to blame."

Yeah, wear a mask folks, it's not just your life and the lives of others at stake. People want to know how Line of Duty turns out as well.

As with everything else, the coronavirus pandemic caused a complete shutdown of work on the show, and it's also meant that changes have had to be made before returning to filming.

When it was halted abruptly, Compston said that there would be 'no point coming back if we were going to compromise quality'.


He added: "I think there will be changes.

"There's going to be massive changes off-camera, just in terms of the protocols and social distancing, how many people can be on set... just people off-camera wearing masks and what not.

"So, it's going to be a completely different feel.

"In terms of changes [on-screen], if there are changes that are possible in terms of moving scenes which were indoors [to] outdoors where possible.

"But, we really wouldn't want to compromise the scripts. The scripts are so good. People are so loyal to the show.

"There would be no way, no point, in coming back if we were going to compromise quality."


They are aiming to finish up the series before Christmas, which would allow them to have an air date in 2021.

However, the BBC has yet to confirm the air date for the new series, which - given the circumstances surrounding everything at the minute - seems completely reasonable.

Compston confirmed to The One Show: "It's one of those ones where we've got a definite date that we're working towards, but there's no point announcing it because the situation is so fluid and it can change daily.

"Hopefully, we can get it done before Christmas."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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