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Naked Attraction Are Looking For Brave Singletons To Apply For Next Series

Naked Attraction Are Looking For Brave Singletons To Apply For Next Series

If you fancy testing the 'power' of Naked Attraction then this will be right up your street as season seven is due to air later on this year

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Channel 4 are on the lookout for brave singletons in who are prepared to bare all for the latest season of dating show Naked Attraction.

So if you're looking for some post-lockdown loving to make up for lost time - get your application in and you could be getting yer kit off on national telly.

If you've never heard or seen the show before (it might be wise to have a peek before applying), it's essentially where one fully clothed person is faced with several colourful, human-sized boxes.

Each box contains a contestant and - you might have already guessed - they're starkers. Each of the contestants will be revealed bit by bit starting from their feet.

Anna Richardson hosts the popular series.
Channel 4

As the show goes on, the screens are lifted, first showing the person's genitals, then the chest, and finally the face - with one contestant eliminated at each stage.

When there are just two contestants remaining from the boxes, the fully clothed person that was doing all the eliminating and sizing up then has to go and strip off.

As the chooser goes off to get undressed, host Anna Richardson usually makes the two remaining people assess each other which can get sort of awks.

Once the person gets back from stripping off, they will make their final decision about who they're going to pick to go on a date with and take things from there.

The cameras follow them on their date and then they're invited back some time later to update viewers on how they're getting along.

Arguably one of the most eye opening episodes featured a 57-year-old practising Christian called Judith who uttered the words: "God, what a c**k." Go on, Judith.

The squad at Channel 4 were evidently rubbing their hands together when they came across this eight to 11-inch loving goldmine from Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Her words, not mine.

The choir-going carer appeared on the show to find some naked love (just like Adam and Eve, she says) and she confessed from the outset to having 'no inhibitions'.

In a bid to horrify the nation she said: "I do need to look at feet as well, actually. I love feet, I love to feel somebody's toes round my pussy, or kitty. I find it very sexual."

We'll leave it there. You get the gist. Anyway - apply for the upcoming series here.

Featured Image Credit: Studio Lambert

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