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Naked Attraction Star Says He 'Should Have Got A Semi' Before The Show

Naked Attraction Star Says He 'Should Have Got A Semi' Before The Show

Wrestler Iain took some flak for the size of his penis on the Channel 4 programme

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

One of the contestants on Channel 4's Naked Attraction has joked that he should have given himself a little - let's say - encouragement before heading onto the show as he was later given a bit of stick about the size of his willy.

In case you're not aware of the premise of the show, a group of people show up and stand around behind backlit screens whilst another person wanders around and makes arbitrary judgements on their gradually-revealed naked form.

Then, they pick one to go on a date with based on the aforementioned judgements.

On this occasion, wrestler Iain had to take to social media after the fact to say that he should have 'got half aroused' after comments were made about the size of his langer.

While Iain did manage to get a date with contestant Illyana, they didn't end up going on a second date because she didn't feel the 'sexual chemistry'.

But, Iain said that he would have love to, which is a let down for him.

Illyana enjoyed their date, but wasn't into anything more.
Channel 4

During the show, Iain also said that he once sent a woman a Moonpig card after giving her a vaginal tear during sex.

That's where the comments about his wiener started coming from.

One person wrote: "Naa #nakedattraction actually kills me. Imagine giving it that much of a big-un then bringing the tidge out."

Another said: "How on earth did he manage to tear anything with that? #nakedattraction."

A third joked: "She is going fully in on Little Ian #nakedattraction."

However, after the show aired, Iain went on Twitter to defend his actions on the date, including when Illyana said she became annoyed at him sending question marks to her after she failed to respond to his messages: "Ok Ok, gotta set the record straight I'm not a question mark chaser guy.

"My credible defence of myself did not make the edit.

"Also: should have got a semi."

Well, it's too late now, Iain.

Iain hit out at the producers after the fact.
Channel 4

While his defence of his text etiquette may have been credible, Illyana's defence for why she chose not to go on a second date with him - despite continuing their first date off-camera and clearly feeling something - is equally as credible.

She simply said: "I feel like I should want to pounce on you like a black panther and I'm not getting that."

There's always next time though, eh? At least he knows what he's got to do.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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