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Chris Hemsworth's New Netflix Action Thriller Extraction Is Being Called A 'Must Watch'

Chris Hemsworth's New Netflix Action Thriller Extraction Is Being Called A 'Must Watch'

A new action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth has just dropped on Netflix, and judging by the reaction on social media, it should make for some quality weekend viewing.

Extraction follows mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) on his mission to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

The film sees Hemsworth team up once again with Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo - with the former writing the screenplay and both serving as producers - and also features David Harbour of Stranger Things fame.


It's too early to tell how favourably the film will be received by the public on the whole, but the initial response has been very positive indeed:



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In the interest of balance though, it's worth pointing out that reviews from critics haven't been quite so universally positive. Indeed, this probably isn't the film for you if action isn't really your cup of tea.


A review in Gamespot summarises the critical reception pretty well.

It reads: "With its comfortable formula and lavish action sequences, Extraction is another high-profile but ultimately average Netflix movie, notable more for the big-name stars than its overall quality (see also the recent 6 Underground and Spencer Confidential). But with zero competition in theatres from better movies, it should satisfy those looking for glossy thrills."

That said, if action really is your thing, then the general consensus is that you're in for a treat.

Earlier this year, LADbible caught up with the man behind all the scrapping, Hemsworth's long-time stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton.


As you might expect, when your job is to get thrown off buildings and hit by cars, Bobby has picked up some serious injuries during his career.

Just over 10 months ago, he had to have major surgery to repair herniated discs in his back, and before that, he ripped his groin muscles off the bone shooting Thor: Ragnarok.

Bobby said: "If he [Hemsworth] gets injured, the whole show goes down, so I've got to be very cautious and have a relationship with the stunt coordinator and the secondary director and say 'that's not really a Chris thing'. I can be replaced but Chris can't, that's the difference.

"The nature of what we do is dangerous, but what we try to do is eliminate as much danger as we can with time and rehearsals. Sometimes you've got to take away the mats and take a hard hit. It's just part and parcel of what we do and we know those risks."

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