New Netflix Series Sweet Tooth Has People Hooked


New Netflix Series Sweet Tooth Has People Hooked

Netflix viewers have been raving about the streaming service's original series Sweet Tooth, with some saying they've become 'hooked' and have binge-watched the entire thing already. Watch the trailer below:


The eight-part show, which is executive produced by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey, is a fantasy drama based on the comic of the same name.

It was released on Netflix on 4 June and fans have been chatting excitedly about it on social media.


One person wrote: "Sweet Tooth S1. After watching the trailer I thought it's a show made for kids but it's for everyone.

"I never read the comics so didn't had any idea what this show will be all about but its a total awesome Netflix original.

"Brilliant soundtrack, I doubt if they are left with any production money as visuals were so stunning. An absolute original take on apocalypse.

"Hopefully Netflix doesn't cancel this one like their recent cancellations."


Another viewer added: "Deer @netflix: I watched the s*** out of @SweetTooth and loved every second!


"It's such a pure-hearted and wonderfully told tale full of winning performances, with a pandemic plot line that's as eerie as our hero is brave!

"I'm ready to receive the next season immediately."

Others weren't quite as taken by the show, however, with one sceptic writing: "It just looked so dumb. I mean people mixed with deer? It's impossible. Even in the most extreme way.

"It's just so stupid. The idea. Idk man. Maybe it's just me."


But fans were quick to jump to the defence of the show, with one pointing out: "If you are to limit yourself to what is only realistic you'd have f*** all left to watch.

"Sweet Tooth is one for the whole family and a bit of escapism from this crazy world.

"Try it, you might even like it."

You can watch Sweet Tooth on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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