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Paul Rudd Gives Hilarious Response To Chris Evans' Question About His Penis

Paul Rudd Gives Hilarious Response To Chris Evans' Question About His Penis

Basically, it's not the same as Ant-Man's powers

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Paul Rudd gave a fairly honest assessment of how much he's packing when asked an awkward question during an interview with his good buddy and Avengers co-star Chris Evans.

The Ant-Man star was chatting with his fellow Avenger for Variety about what on Earth is going on with the third flick in Marvel's Ant-Man mini-franchise, when the question came up.

Basically, Rudd was asked how big his willy is, and responded: "It's even bigger than my paycheque."

Obviously, cheques - who uses cheques anymore, anyway? - are not that big, and are also very thin, meaning that he's probably right.

However, it does throw up the possibility that he's got a bizarrely shaped penis, which is a conspiracy that we're here for.

Let's put this all into context, shall we?


Evans asked whether there was anything he could disclose about the forthcoming third Ant-Man outing, to which Rudd said: "I'm not going to be able to say anything, Chris. You know the world."

Then, Chris Evans - Captain America, to you and me - joked: "I might as well ask you what your paycheques are. I don't know.

"Paul, what's your penis size?"

Which is when Rudd quipped: "It's even bigger than my paycheque."

So, that's basically it. Two jocular actors having social distanced japes with each other while we're all stuck at home and no movies are being made.

The actual interview itself is pretty funny though. At one point, Evans asked Rudd for the secret of his ageless looks.

Of course, he accused him of drinking baby blood.

Let's not go giving away every little showbiz secret, shall we Chris?


As for that Ant-Man movie, we're still pretty much in the dark.

We know that Paul Rudd can't tell us anything that ain't about his junk, but Michael Douglas - who features as Hank Pym - did say that we could be pretty close to finding out about it.

Last week, at a Q&A session, Douglas was asked about the film, and responded: "I can't talk about it, because the Marvel guys, they'll shoot me with a blowgun.

"But I think you gotta hang tight, because there may be some information coming out pretty soon."

In an earlier interview, he'd also added: "We're starting a third [Ant-Man movie] in the beginning of January 2021."

Whether or not that has been affected - just like everything else - by the coronavirus pandemic remains to be seen, but at least we've heard about Paul Rudd's d***, right?

Featured Image Credit: Variety

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