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People Shocked By Rude Joke In Old ChuckleVision Episode

Claire Reid


People Shocked By Rude Joke In Old ChuckleVision Episode

A gag from an old episode of ChuckleVision has left social media users shocked, as they can't quite believe it was ever allowed to air. You can see the clip here:


TikTok account @goodolbritishnostalgia shared the clip, which features Barry and Paul Chuckle having their day messed up with by a leprechaun.

In the clip, Barry appears to be unable to see the mythical creature but bends down to encourage him to leave Paul alone so he can get some work done.


After politely asking what he believes to be the leprechaun to leave, he leans down further and gives the air a little pat.

Paul asks: "What are you doing?"

To which Barry explains that he's 'tickling him under the chin', before Paul explains that he's actually a fair bit taller than Barry thought, meaning he hadn't been tickling his chin after all.

Upon hearing the new information, Barry recoils in horror saying 'errgh'.


Gold standard ChuckleVision if you ask me, but some social media users are surprised the episode ever made its way onto CBBC due to the risqué joke.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

One person wrote: "How did they get away with that?"

Someone else commented: "The innuendos in kids' programmes in the 80s and 90s were shocking. Funny though."


A third commenter said: "Saw it as a kid, didn't get it then."

Another person wrote: "Try that now and watch it get slammed."

While someone else said: "Childhood ruined."

This isn't the first resurfaced clip from the show that's left people shocked - earlier this year, a similar rude joke did the rounds.


The episode saw Paul and Barry Chuckle in charge of a hotel and were taking a booking from an older gent.

He tells them: "I'd like a room please."

Paul responds: "What do you think this is, a hotel?"

Very good.


Then, the man comes back: "I'm an astronomer, you see. I'm hoping to sneak a look at Uranus later."

Posting the clip, one TikTok user asked: "How did ChuckleVision get away with this?"

To which on person pointed out: "They did that for the adults stuck watching it with the kids so they can have a laugh too.

"Disney does this as well. Parents need entertaining too!"

Fair point.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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Claire Reid
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