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People Think They've Identified The Weirdest Movie Of 2021

People Think They've Identified The Weirdest Movie Of 2021

Wolf came out at the beginning of the month and centres around people who have "species dysmorphia".

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Is this perhaps the weirdest film of 2021? Well, Reddit users certainly seem to think so! Take a look for yourselves in the trailer below:

Featuring a boy who thinks he's a wolf and a girl who think she's a wildcat, the trailer for the new movie Wolf has gone somewhat viral, with people suggesting it might be the weirdest film of the year.

Directed by the little-known director Nathalie Biancheri, Wolf made its debut at the 2021 Toronto Film Festival in September before enjoying a full US release at the beginning of this month.

It stars former BAFTA Rising Star nominee George Mackay as Jacob, a troubled young adult who suffers from 'species dysmorphia' and thinks he's a wolf.

George Mackay stars as Jacob, a man who thinks he is a wolf.
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He's shipped off to an asylum of sorts alongside a bunch of other folks suffering from the same issue and it's there he meets Wildcat, well, a woman so-called because she thinks she's a... you get the idea.

The two get romantically involved and seek to escape the asylum at which point mayhem ensues, given the institution is under the watch of the cantankerous Zookeeper Mr Mann (played by Paddy Considine).

Interestingly enough, Wildcat's played by Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp, but that hasn't got nearly as much attention as the absolutely mad sight of people running around on film pretending to be wolves, cats and other assorted animals.

Lily-Rose Depp's character believes she is a wildcat.
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While being dubbed as a 'Cats without CGI movie' by one Reddit user, another added: "Do you think the actors p****d themselves laughing after every take?"

Another asked: "You think this was supposed to be actors in fursuits at one time and a few sane people in the production said: 'yeah, nah'?"

While a fourth commented: "How did such a bad script/story concept get so many talented cinematographers and see directors on board?"

It's a film that seems to have similarly baffled critics. Although there seems to be a message in there about the acceptance of people whoever they are, many seem to think that things get too complicated, or - as The Washington Post put it - "If it's an allegory, it trivializes whatever it's allegorizing."

The 'bizarre' movie has received mixed reviews.
Focus Features

The AV Club meanwhile commented: "Wolf is so thin that one can't help but look right through it."

It has received some praise, however, with the Chicago-Sun Times writing: "George MacKay, Lily-Rose Depp star in dark fairy tale that handles a real-life condition - believing you're not human - with sensitivity and empathy."

MacKay receives praise elsewhere, too, with the Chicago Reader commenting: "George MacKay's presence and physicality is perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of the film."

On its opening the weekend, the film was given a limited release across 308 theatres and drew $82,640, not exactly an unarguable smash.

Nevertheless, with a cast as good as it has, surely it's worth a look to see just how emotional someone running around pretending to be a wolf can be... surely?

Featured Image Credit: Focus Features

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