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Piers Morgan Hit By Ofcom Complaints For Drinking Pint On Air At 6.38am

Piers Morgan Hit By Ofcom Complaints For Drinking Pint On Air At 6.38am

Ofcom say they've received eight complaints from viewers over the 55-year-old host's antics

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

It seems some people aren't best pleased with Piers Morgan (shock) after Ofcom received complaints about his early morning boozing.

The 55-year-old was on live TV sipping a pint at 6.38am as he was hosting Good Morning Britain.

Ofcom, the UK's regulator for TV, radio and video, confirmed that they had in fact received eight (yes, eight - shocking stuff indeed) complaints about the presenter drinking live on air so early in the morning.

There he goes...
ITV/Good Morning Britain

Piers later slammed viewers who took offence at his drinking, calling them 'k**bs' after seeing the reaction to yesterday's show.

GMB went live to a pub, as the programme reported on the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. That was the moment news correspondent Jonathan Swain told Piers to look behind him.

After a bit of excitement from the presenter, co-host Susanna Reid exclaimed: "It's 6.38 in the morning, kids," but Piers didn't seem to mind, simply replying with the usual 'ahhh' that is to be expected after drinking your first draught pint in months.

Replying to his Instagram post, one person wrote: "Drinking beer while you are at work you should be sacked," while another took to Twitter saying: "[Piers Morgan] will be the first to brag about his first pint when the pubs open but is happy to criticise the gov. for allowing pubs to open! Deluded and hypocrite."

Reading one of the comments from social media out, Piers quoted: "'Drinking alcohol while working is against health and safety. Piers Morgan should know that. Sack him now.'"

Then he added: "Now some of the k**bs have gone over from Twitter and are now on Instagram."

On 23 June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson named pubs, cinemas and hairdressers among the businesses in England that will be able to open on 4 July.

The Prime Minister outlined the further easing of restrictions that were put into place in March, as the two-metre social distancing rule has been halved to one-metre.

The PM added that 'each step will be conditional and reversible', saying that the public should use their common sense in how many social contacts they will have.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

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